Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

2. Neither the Directors nor the owners or their immediate family members are interested in these competitions.

3. Full Sources of the selected sentences from the books, newspapers, magazines, etc will be published at the end of the closing date of the competition.

4. The editor's decision will be final and legally binding on the participating competitor. If any dispute arises, it will be in the jurisdiction of the Mumbai Courts.

5. All these competitions are held in good faith and if any error of human nature arises, it will not be the responsibility of the editor in such instances.

6. The above rules are legally binding on he competitors and they agree to them.

7. The management reserves unchallenged right to cancel any quotation in any particular competition, if there is objection from any source and replace it with another quotation without giving any reason.

8. The management of Quiz-Vision.Com has unchallenged right to moderate the comments sent in by the participants; if the comments are found to be profane, bad in language, objectionable for other members, the comments will be deleted immediately without assigning any reason.

9. The management of quiz-vision.com reserves the right not to accept the entry of any person, who in their opinion is found to have used search engines for their answers to the clues without assigning any reason(s).

Happy Quiz Solving!
Manohar Bhatia (CEO)