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Be Winner

You too can be a winner.Just answer Eleven simple questions and get awarded. Since times immemorial, people, all over the world have always been fascinated by mystery, magic, skill, intelligence and what have you! Man has always loved a challenge to test his intelligence, bravery or his hidden abilities to find a solution to his problem. So, go on. Test your intelligence and be a winner. 

Even if you are trying to solve the quotations and you become unsuccessful in getting it all-correct, don\'t ever lose heart. There are other prizes too.Please study each quotation carefully in your mind and try to get into the mind of the author, who has written {that} quotation.Please use your vast knowledge of the English language and try out a few comments on the quotation.Out of the two capital words, select the word you feel is the word of the author; then write a few sentences on why you have selected that word.If your answer is correct and your comments are logical and good, you might land up winning a prize as a {Best Comments} participant.

So guys, get set for writing your comments on your quiz-vision

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E-mail id :::  info@quiz-vision.com1. \"(PLEASURE)/ PAIN is like emery.If it scours anything that wants to be scoured, it is good, otherwise it is not good.\"

Name of author :::: 

Name of works :::

\"Drys-dale\'s Prose, from Plymouth Pulpit \"Trouble\",


Our comments will be as follows ______

What is emery?

Emery is an abrasive paper, wheel on which this chemical is mounted and used for smoothing any item of metal like iron, brass etc.So when you talk of Pleasure or Pain, Pleasure can never be like emery, because it is a positive emotion; whereas Pain is negative and it wants to some get relief and emery is the right adhesive or help to delete it from your life. So, we will reject the word (Pleasure) as given in the brackets and go for the author\'s word, that is PAIN. Hence Pain is the original word of the author in this quotation.

 2.  \"No author ever acquired durable fame by his (WRITING)/ LOYALTY to merely conventional decencies and refinements or by outrages upon taste and morals.\"


Name of book :::

Vol.i page # 47. [ O & Co.1871]

Our comments are as follows ____

As you already know that word in the bracket is the compiler\'s word and the other word is the word of the author.The quotation is difficult to understand, but if read it two/three times, you will know what the author is speaking about.He is telling us about his {fame} and how does he acquire it.You see, the quotation was such that everyone will go for the word {writing}, because of its association with the author; but just think for a moment.Word \"durable\" is the key word here.You see, every author can write a number of novels to a set them of conventions, decencies, etc or by loading his novels with texts of sex, violence that may leave a bad taste in our mouths, but will such a author ever acquire a loyal reading fraternity ?

 3. \"Real friendship never hesitates either to give or accept a FAVOR/(FERVOR).

Name of book :::

\"Morton House\", page # 4. [A.1873].

Name of author


Our comments are as follows ____

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1. First try to understand what is sweet sound? There can be many sweet sounds in the world like ::::: a child\'s cry or a laugh, music, echo of a secluded place near a mountain, sound of waterfall etc etc.

Here, word {sadness} has to be taken in the meaning of something {nostalgic} happening in the life of an individual. In such a scenerio , there is no question of FEARS entering our sub-conscious mind, but in this sadness, there is always an emotion, which may bring TEARS in our eyes. So, the right answer has to be {TEARS).