1)    Editorial ________ 19th May, 2014, 2.45 p.m.


For the last many days, we have been updating this exciting website and we have received 235 visitors so far and hope to reach our first target of 1000 visitors in the next 60 days or near about.We are for constant innovation for these quiz games and we have many ideas to keep the competitors engaged and we are surely confident for its success.

Since the internet is global and can be seen by the whole world, we will be waiting for the reactions and mood of the public eagerly.As you already know that we are on Facebook and also on Twitter, we are hoping to get connected with a large base of competitors, who are willing to participate in these competitions.We have some friends on social media site Facebook and we are pleased to release their views on Quiz-Vision.Com :::::::::::::

1) Journalist, Martha Jette from Hamilton (Canada) writes ___

  • {"The concept is a very good one and I am sure I will help some people to write and speak better English in this global community.Take care"}

2) Alex Hutchins writes from Knoxville (USA) ___

  • {"I like the concept of what you are trying to do and Quiz-Vision.Com moves the reader in the right direction.People who speak publicly or address audiences of any kind are more likely to want to improve their vocabulary than those that do not.Then there those who write the speeches for these people.BLOGGER will be your new audience for this type of document."}

3) Dominic Franks from Mumbai (India) writes __

  • {"Hey Manohar, what's the prize, I applaud your initiative."}

4) Bomy Kavina fro Stanchart Bank says ___

  • {"Cash prizes will be an incentive"}

5) Diane Tegardon,Prersident Fireworks Publications, California (USA) writes ___

  • {"As always, I wish you the best in business and in your personal life, Manohar.To the Dance!"}

6) Jack Huber, crime author, ekphrastic poet and photographer from Denver (USA) says___

  • {"I wish you world wide success in quiz-vision.com "}

2)     Editorial ___________ 2nd. October, 2017

{Come on, what's Free in Life?}
Cyber netizens have still gotten over the idea of a [free] feeling.Why does this netizen think that everything offered on the net has compusorily to be free? What factors this line of observation? It all happened when Apple of the microsoft fame when they brought on "hotmail" by paying a whooping $400.00 million to a certain Bhatia. Then Google dandily walked the free surface of the Earth by offering virtually everything free, like Gmail, Google maps of Earth, establishments, shops, and what not, free uploading and down loadfing of photos and blah, blah, blah. Later Mark Zukerberg stepped in and millions of people got hooked to facebook for free; what's happening on fb, everyone knows. Now the problem with the net citizens is that whatever is offered to them, they cannot have enough of it; they are becoming greedier by the day, so much so that if any new start up is born, the first thought to hit their minds is the concept whether any {freebies} are there..... and the poor innovator is left with no choice, but to accomodate in some way for the greedy jackal.And more you fed them, the more they want.
In short, the {value} of a new product is nothing short of blasphemising the product.
How will we ever convince the net savy netizen that the innovator works hard on his business model and expects some reasonable returns on his time, energy and money. The older giants have set the ball rolling in one direction only; lets hope the ball rolls back in the direction where the start up man makes something on his investments.
Have they ever realized that when these people shop, do they get {free} everything?
Manohar Bhatia.

3) Editorial ___________ 15th ctober, 2017.

Hello friends,

Since the last few days, we have been upgrading this quiz-vision site and we hope you will like its fresh look. So far, we have been selecting quotations from very old books/peridicals/writings; now we will be looking at fresh current books, magazines, newspapers and that can surely bring some new life into tis quiz game.v

We request people to participate in large numbers by writing on our email _____ info@quiz-vision.com anything they feel to make this game popular. Please take a short time to make your comment on any quotation which you will connected with and we  will award a cash prize of Rs.100/= for the best comment.

Thanks and happy quizzing!

4) Editorial _________ 26th October, 2017.

The latest news over here is that the visitors' count has reached over 27,000 and we are very happy so many people are comingover to this site to enjoy the quotations and participate in these competitions.

There was one friend who has suggested that how can he communicate with the management vis queries. There is no problem; the website is quite new and many netizens may not be aware how to go about it. Those of you who want to message us, please go up to the window {CONTACT}, click and a form will appear before you.Fill up the necessary in information about your name, yiour email id and below A spce for your message.Please type yopur message and send it to us for our immediate response.

Thank you and happy quizzing!

Manohar Bhatia (CEO) 

5) Editorial ______ 5th November, 2017.

The new quiz # 42 has been puit on the site and the selected quotations have been picked up from celebrities. Yes, we have picked them up from some "other" sources without their permissions, but as per our policy, we will be paying them cash as decided by the management. Any one having any objection  to their being quoted can write to us on our email____ info@quiz-vision.com and a prompt reply will be given.As the website gets older, we hope to increase our cash payments for any quote picked up from any source; those who do not want to be quoted can write to us.


Manohar Bhatia (CEO)