Since times immemorial, people all over the world have always been fascinated by mystery, magic, skill and what have you! Man has always loved a challenge to test his power of intelligence, bravery or his hidden abilities to find a solution to his problems. Quiz-vision.com is an English Literary Competition started on a Global level, posing an immense challenge and back-up skill to spot the correct original word of the quotation used by the writer of the book from where (that) is picked up. There will be 11 such quotations based on such diverse subjects such as Health, Philosophy, Emotions Literature, History, Sex, Poetry etc……… the competition compiler may also pick up sentences from newspapers, periodicals, magazines. If he finds quiz sentences interesting and has some message for the common man on the street.

In every quiz sentence one (Extra) word will be inserted by our Competition Compiler anywhere in that sentence. The competitor has to spot the correct (Original) word used by the writer/ author of the book from where (that) quotation is lifted and reject/cancel the Compilers word. If he can spot /solve all the 11 answers of this quiz-vision competition he will be eligible for a cash prize amount as declared by the management. Just think of the older times gone by and introspect on the many great and famous writers of English language who have commented upon the richness of its words, sentences, quotes, anecdotes or idioms and have always believed that the English language occupies number one spot among all the worlds languages combined together. The English language has greater number of words then one’s mother tongue although one will always be comfortable in speaking it.

We can become masters if we have a huge vocabulary of English language words and hence become articulate. This is the most important part in this quiz game. To solve and have a crack at the competition, the competitor must use his good sense. In knowing the (right) word of the quotation…(that) word which expresses the thought of the writer not only with clarity, force and beauty but with highest facility and at the same time giving out the (Exact) shade of the meaning of the clue. Those participants who feel that (luck) plays a major role in these competitions can never hope even in their wildest dreams to win a prize. Apart from fun and winning cash prizes, the participants can acquire great knowledge in terms of laws of life, Innovation, history geography heath in those fields.

These competitions are held in good faith and the competitors are expected to return this faith in equal measure by becoming a part of quiz-vision.com by helping it to grow vertically and horizontally. We are owners only technically, but the participants are the real promoters and they can lead us to greater glory on their behalf and support.

All person from age 10 to 100 are invited to participate in this competitions. The only condition being they must be computer savvy as this game is fully on line. So retired folks, house wives, students can come in.

Quiz-vision.com will go on line sometimes in early 2014. Manohar Bhatia is the author/promoter of this enterprise.

You need an account to get involved totally. You can post comments, make friends receive or send massages to others; you need to register. Registration as a member will automatically update your account in financial transactions, like how many forms you would like to submit, your subscription amount into your account and balance remaining for future Competitions. However casual visiting persons can also participate.

We have agreed to pay authors from where quotations/sentences/poems/questions will be picked up. Each author will be Paid Rs10/- in the initial stage in the competitions however if the author participates in the competitions he will be paid Rs20/- per quotation/sentence/poems/questions. Now two possibilities can happened here. Firstly the author is being paid for his works and secondly if (that) participating author happens to spot all the correct answers in the competitions then he wins a big all correct prize in kind or cash. We have also decided to pay other sources from where these quotations will be picked up like newspapers, periodicals, magazines (all types) or any reading materials a flat Rs5/- per sentence/ quote.

Our goal is make everyone win as much money as possible from this exciting quiz game. This is just beginning and later on God knows, the author might recover the full mrp of his book;if quiz–vision.com rocks! So guys get set, put on your thinking caps, pick up your mouse and get clicking on your computer.

In order to widen the data base of winners, the future quizzes can be of 50 quotations from 50 authors or 100 quotations from 100 authors or even 200 quotations from 200 authors and game can be to solve any 11 questions from these 50/100/200 quotations.Now an interesting setting can be at stake.First all 50/100/200 authors are to be rewarded Rs10/- per their quotations/sentences/questions from their books; secondly if all 50/100/200 authors participate in this quiz game then each author gets Rs20/- per sentence/quote.

Thirdly all authors including participates are eligible to send multiple entries by the method of Permutations & Combinations to enlarge their scope of having a crack at the first all correct prize; please ask any mathematician the method of P&C and he will show you the way.We have agreed to pay and award reviewers/commentators who put their comments on the net for a particular quotation.Whether he is participating or not in this game the comments of a {Casual} Competitor or the member will be judged by a highly qualified/literacy expert and the best comments will be awarded a cash prize of Rs100/- after judging his review of a participator quotation.All others will be given due credits and published in (that) quiz-vision game number.This will be like a feedback of the quiz game and the participants are expected to write their (best) intellectual writings for all others to read and respond.

This program will be in vogue till the closing date of the competitions, because the expected participants will read each others comments/agreements/reviews for or against a particular quotation there and then decide which is the likely original word of (that) quotation for them to select the final answers.

The other change that has been made in this competition is in the {comment} section.Besides, awarding the best comment prize for an outstanding comment for a particular quotation question, the game has now been widened for accepting a comment from any member or a casual visitor.The management will now accept {one} comment from anyone, whether participating or not and he will be paid {one cent} subject to a {cap} of 100 comments.In other words, if the same person(whether member or not} gives 100 comments he will be awarded US$1.00 or in Indian rupees 60.00 approximately for his efforts.Please keep in mind your comment {must} be in minimum 4 lines; otherwise it will be not accepted by the company.

Quiz-Vision.Com appeals to the vast community of learned men, academicians, scholars, writers and womenfolk to take this company to dizzy heights of glory in the Literature field, wherein, we are able to offer unbelievable cash prizes and fantastic quotations for everyone who has {love} for the English language.

Regards and our warm wishes.
Manohar Bhatia (ceo)