Quiz-vision is an online game for anyone having extensive knowledge of English language.Like we live in any society, we have a set of rules that must be followed by all participants entering the site. Your use of is subjected to the following guidelines; violation of these guidelines may result in termination of your membership account without notice.

1. Enter this competition very honestly without resorting to unfair means by searching for authors word on the search engines. This will be termed as a spam. The basic idea of this game is to think in your mind the right word of the author.

2. Share your knowledge with friends/associates about the questions.

3. Open a discussion board by inviting your friends to your house over a cup of tea for possible answers to your questions.

4. Once a spam is detected by any officer of the management, the competitor will be debarred from entering in future competitions. Also, When an author knows that his quotation is picked up for a competition, he should not pass on his finding to his friends and associates for monetary consideration; it will not be in good taste.

5. You should share all your thoughts with your friends and associates and discuss the concerned quotation thoroughly to arrive at the solutions.

6. The above rules are legally binding on he competitors and they agree to them.

Manohar Bhatia (CEO)