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Opening Date : 2014-04-10
Result and Solution On : 2014-05-01
Closing Date : 2014-04-30

Question # 1 : There is a sadness in sweet sound That quickens (TEARS/FEARS) ?

Answer: TEARS.

Answer detail : Name of author:: ALDRICH, Works::{"Two Songs From Persian"}, pt.i, st.3.

Question # 2 : TPsychologically, it is felt that a child is innately (ACTIVE/SENSITIVE) ?

Answer :ACTIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author::A.B.Solanki, Name of book::{"Corelation in Basic Education."}, page # 22.

Question # 3 : In Central Tibet, the salutation consists in sticking out the tongue, pulling the (LEFT/RIGHT) ear and rubbing the left hip, making a slight bow at the same time. ?

Answer: RIGHT.

Answer detail : Name of author::W.W.ROCKHILL,Works::{"Land Of The Lamas"}. Page # 200.

Question # 4 : To be defenseless, in the face of so many world powers, is virtually an invitation to (AGGRESSION/ANNIHILATION) ?


Answer detail : Name of author::M.Visvesvaraya, Works::{"Memory Of My Working life"}, Page # 126.

Question # 5 : One of the commonest human failings in our present civilization is (ANGER/GREED) ?

Answer: ANGER.

Answer detail : Name of author::J.Vijaytunga,Name of Book::{"YOGA"}, page # 45.

Question # 6 : We fear and desire, because we do not know what we (ARE/HAVE) ?

Answer: ARE.

Answer detail : Name of author::Swami Ramakrishnanda, Name of book::"{The Ancient Quest"}. page # 59.

Question # 7 : There is in trouble and in sorrow no (SOLUTION/SALVE) and no balm like that of personal affection and personal sympathy ?

Answer: SALVE.

Answer detail : NName of author::H.W.BEECHER,Works::{Plymouth Pulpit"},Oct.12,1983 in vol.i, page # 92.

Question # 8 : All philosophy… a truly sanctified mind……is but…. matter for (RELIGION/DIVINITY) to work upon ?


Answer detail : Name of author::R.CUDWORTH,Works::"{Intell Syst. Universe."} vol.ii, page # 47.[G & N 1838].

Question # 9 : The word “Witch” is not a bad word; it simply means a (WRONGED/WISE) woman ?

Answer: WISE.

Answer detail : Name of author::Osho. Name of book::"{Freedom From The Mind"},page# 27, [Fusion Books,2009]

Question # 10 : No poetry was ever more humane than Chaucer’s; none ever came more genially and frankly home to its (READERS/CRITIQUES) ?

Answer: READERS.

Answer detail : Name of author::GREEN,Works::"{Short History, English People"}, page # 287. [H.1875]

Question # 11: Insert a comma, after each slightest break of connection in the grammatical construction of a clause or a sentence, but not where the words are closely connected in (TENSE/SENSE) ?

Answer: SENSE.

Answer detail : Name of author::F.HORRACE TEAL, Works::"{Punctuation"}, page # 1.[S.1900]

Opening Date : 2014-05-02
Result and Solution On : 2014-06-01
Closing Date : 2014-05-31

Question # 12: The inner (NOSE/EAR) made from the same tissue as the penis swells during sex ?

Answer: NOSE.

Answer detail : NOSE, Name of source: DNA Newspaper, MAG No.10,”Its Personal” dt.5/8/2012.

Question # 13: The male (BEE/COCKROACH) dies after sex, because its penis tissues are torn apart ?

Answer :BEE.

Answer detail : BEE, Name of source :: DNA Newspaper, MAG, Page # 12, “Its Personal” dt.5/8/2012

Question # 14 : To-day, information is integrated with emotion__ and with suspicion sometimes, bordering on (PARONOIA/XENOPHOBIA) ?


Answer detail : PARONOIA, Name of source:: DNA Newspaper dt. 5/8/2012, “Second Thoughts” page #13, Writer:Christopher.R.Hill, (Anger & Management).

Question # 15: Happiness exists only in (MOMENTS/SONNETS) ?

Answer: MOMENTS.

Answer detail : MOMENTS, Name of author::Menaka Ramon, Works:”The Mothership.”} page # 13, DNA Newspaper, “Second Thoughts”.

Question # 16 : The most (ARRESTING/INTRIGUING) fact about India is that her soil is rich and her people poor ?


Answer detail : ARRESTING, Name of author::B.R.MISHRA, Name of book::{V For Vinoba”}, page # 15.

Question # 17 : Every form of (ART/RELIGION) is an appeal to a hidden faculty in man, which is the intuition ?

Answer: ART.

Answer detail : ART, Name of author::C. JINARAJADOSA, Name of book::”{The Function Of The Artist”}, Source: {Theosophy} page # 32.

Question # 18 : There are no chagrins, so venomous as the chagrins of the ilk; there are no pangs so sickening as the satieties of (LEISURE/PLEASURE) ?


Answer detail : PLEASURE, Name of author::RUSKIN, Name of book::”{FORS CLAVIGERA”}, in vol.iii, page # 144 [W & S 1886]

Question # 19 : AOne thousand eight hundred years since their creation….. the (BLOODY/PAGAN) tales of Ovid….. are read by all Christendom ?

Answer: PAGAN.

Answer detail : PAGAN, Name of author::DEQUINCY, Name of book::”{ESSAYS ON THE POETS, POPE”}, page # 157. [T & F.1859].

Question # 20 : Jesus, the babe of (NAZARETH/BETHLEHAM)has become beyond others whether, philosophers, warriors or kings, the most conspicuous being, who ever trod the globe ?


Answer detail : BETHLEHAM, Name of author::J.S.C.ABBOT, Name of book::”{History, Christianity”}, page # 13

Question # 21 : The adjective Greek may connote many things, but what it denotes is (LANGUAGE/GRAMMAR) ?

Answer: .

Answer detail :

Question # 22 : The mark is there, and the wound is (CICATRIZED/HEALED) only__ no time, tears, caresses or repentance can obliterate that scar ?


Answer detail : CICATRIZED, Name of author:: THACKARAY, Name of book::”{HENRY ESMOND”}, page # 144. [O.& CO 1847].

Opening Date : 2014-06-02
Result and Solution On : 2014-07-01
Closing Date : 2014-06-30

Question # 23 : When rain or moisture from any source descends with the cinders, the moss forms (TUFA/THYMOL) ?

Answer: TUFA.

Answer detail : Name of author:DAWA, Works:{Geology},page#273,[t.B. & co.1880]

Question # 24 : It is a good callyrium to look on the bare(SOIL/EARTH) ?

Answer :EARTH.

Answer detail : Name of author:THOREAU, Works:{Early Spring In Massachusetts}, pg.#256,[H. M. & Co. 1818]

Question # 25 :(COMBINATIONS/PERMUTATIONS) for use of means of mass communications and transportation make railway service cheap ?


Answer detail : Name of author:R.T.ELY,Works:{Introduction To Political Economy}, pg.#276,[Chaut1889]

Question # 26 : Shakespeare…..was compelled to condense ages into (DAYS/HOURS) ?

Answer: DAYS.

Answer detail : Name of author:WHIPPLE, Works:{Literary Age Of Elizabeth},pg.#35,[O & Co. 1871]

Question # 27 : The (CRUCIFIXATION/CHARACTER) of Christ is a strong confirmation of the truth of his religion ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CHANNING, Name of book:{Works}, pg.# 302,[A. U. A. 1878]

Question # 28 : Putting others first will give you an indescribable feeling of (SATISFACTION/EXHILARATION) ?


Answer detail : Name of author:DAVE DURRAND. Works:{Perpetual Motivation}, pg.#42,Publisher:Better Yourself Books (BYB)

Question # 29 : A foolish (LOGIC/CONSISTENCY) is the hobgoblin of little minds ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, Works:{Essays, Self-Rel.}, pg.#52,{H. M. & Co. 1891]

Question # 30 : It is (WRONG/ILL) to wrench passages of the Bible out of their context ?

Answer: ILL.

Answer detail : Name of author:SPURGEON, Works:{Sermon Notes},pg.#275, vol.ii.[F & W. 1855]

Question # 31 : JAll salaries are reckoned on (CONTIGENT/PROBABILITY) as well as on actual services ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, Works:{Condition of Life, Wealth},pg.#88.[H. M. & Co. 1888]

Question # 32 : When a woman is not contradicted, she has no (CAUSE/MOTIVE) for obstinacy and absurdities ?

Answer: MOTIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:GEORGE ELLIOT, Works:{Middle March}, pg.#67, vol.i,bk.i,ch.6,[H. 1873]

Question # 33: The characteristics of manhood are said to consist of roughness and (CALLOUSNESS/IMPETUOSITY), while weakness, tenderness, sensibility and an inclination to turn away from unpleasant things are the distinguishing marks of womanhood ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Sir RICHARD BURTAN,Works:{Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana} pg.#57, Publisher.Jaico Publishing.

Opening Date : 2014-07-05
Result and Solution On : 2014-08-01
Closing Date : 2014-07-30

Question # 34 : Desire, which springs from nature, and which is increased by (ART/THOUGHT), and from which all danger is taken away by wisdom, becomes firm and secure ?

Answer: ART.

Answer detail : Name of author:Sir RICHARD BURTAN, Works:{Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana},pg.#114,Publisher:Jaico Publishing.

Question # 35 : Space and time are (SCARCE/CONTINUOUS) ?


Answer detail : Name of author:MCCOSH,Works:{Institutions}.pg.#178,[C. & Bros. 1809]

Question # 36 :Contrast without (CONTRARIETY/COMPARISON) is one of the great laws of harmonious nature ?


Answer detail : Name of author:DIWAH.M.CLARICE, Works:{Brave Lady Epilogue}, pg.#409,[H]

Question # 37 : In (PRISMS/OPTICS), red and green are called complimentary colors, their mixture produces white ?

Answer: OPTICS.

Answer detail : Name of author:TYNDAL, Works:{Fragments Of Science}, pg.#367, Lec.xiii.[A.1871]

Question # 38: (CONTROL/COMPETE).... This verb, nauseated and ridiculed, within the memory of the living man as a Scotticism is now universally used ?

Answer: COMPETE.

Answer detail : Name of author:FITZZEDWARD HALL, Works:{Modern English}, pg.#287, note.i[S. 1873]

Question # 39 : It is remarkable that the two consonants, 'ba' 'ma' are commutable (NOUNS/LABIALS) ?

Answer: LABIALS.

Answer detail : Name of author:RAWLINSON, Works:{Herodotus}, vol.ii, pg.#235, [A. 1855]

Question # 40 : Climbing a ladder develops physical strength; climbing a mountain feeds (MENTAL/NERVOUS) energy ?

Answer: NERVOUS.

Answer detail : Name of author:MUNGER, Works:{On The Threshold}, pg.#137.[H. M. & Co. 1888]

Question # 41 : We must be at the top of our (LOGIC/CONDITION) to understand anything rightly ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, Works:{Society And Solitude}, pg.#145,[S. M. & Co. 1890]

Question # 42 : It cannot e denied that outward accidents conduce much to (FORTUNE/MISFORTUNE) ?

Answer: FORTUNE.

Answer detail : Name of author:BACON, Works:{Works}, pg.#293, vol.i[H.G.B.T. 1871]

Question # 43 : Memory and wit are conjoined; solid (REASON/JUDGEMENT) seldom with either ?


Answer detail : Name of author:KAMES, Works:{Elementary Of Criticism}, pg.#21,[F.J.H. 1853]

Question # 44: How much (DIFFICULT/EASIER) it is to state tangible facts than to communicate impressions. ?

Answer: EASIER.

Answer detail : Name of author:BRYCE. Works:{Am. Com}. vol.i, Pg.#10.[Maccm 1888]

Opening Date : 2014-08-01
Result and Solution On : 2014-09-01
Closing Date : 2014-08-30

Question # 45 : WOMEN/MEN never want reasons to confirm their wills ?

Answer: MEN.

Answer detail : Name of author:J.C.RYLE, Works:{Expository Thoughts,John}, vol.ii,page# 32,[C. & Bros. 1870]

Question # 46 : Men of faith consider conscience of more importance than INTEGRITY/KNOWLEDGE ?


Answer detail : Name of author:FROUDE, Works:{Short Studies,Erasmus & Luther}1st.series,Lect.iii,page# 96[S.1872]

Question # 47 :If we want to change the world, we must begin by changing our (ATTITUDES/APTITUDES) ?


Answer detail : Name of author:DAVE DURRAND,Works:{Perpetual Motivation},Page# 82

Question # 48 : Among men who have any sound and sterling qualities, there is nothing so contagious as pure openness of (HEART/MIND) ?

Answer: HEART.

Answer detail : Name of author:Dickens, Works:{Nicholus Nickleby}, vol.ii,page#270,[E & L 1892]

Question # 49: As a historical record, the first chapter of Genesis is without a (COMPOSER/COMPEER) ?

Answer: COMPEER.

Answer detail : Name of author:W.FRASER, Works:{Blending Lights}, page# 15, [C. & Bros. 1874]

Question # 50 : Body, sensations, mind and mental contents are the four dimensions of a (SPIRITUAL/HUMAN) being ?

Answer: HUMAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:WILLIAM HART,Works:{The Art Of Living__ Vipassana Meditation}Page # 150, [Embassy Books]

Question # 51 : There is no true education, which is not (POETIC/POLITE) ?

Answer: POLITE.

Answer detail : Name of author:JACINTO PRADO COELHO,[Readers Digest, Quotable Quotes,November 2005 issue}

Question # 52 : The (PERSONA/MIND) of every man, who conquers in unfortunate attachment becomes stronger than before ?

Answer: MIND.

Answer detail : Name of author:BUWER-LYTTON, Works:{Eugene Aram},bk.i,page# 152,[T. 1853]

Question # 53 : There is EVERY/NO law of might, which consecrates dullness ?

Answer: NO.

Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, Works:{True And Beautiful}, part.iii, page# 130[W & S 1887]

Question # 54 : Loyalty cannot be bought, but (TRUST/CONFIDENCE) can be betrayed and sold ?


Name of author:J.FORTENCE, Works:{Nineteenth Century},sept.1891,Page3 441.

Question # 55: We cannot rise to command, except by stopping to(APPEASE/SERVE) ?

Answer: SERVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:W.R.GRACE,Works:{Literary Judgments} essays.xi,page# 343,[O.&C 1873]

Opening Date : 2014-09-01
Result and Solution On : 2014-10-01
Closing Date : 2014-09-30

Question # 56 : We dominate those who maintain a dualism as involved in the FACT/ACT of consciousness ?

Answer: FACT.

Answer detail : Name of author:HAMILTON.Works:{"Natural Duelists,Metaphysics."}Pg.#205[G&L 1859]

Question # 57 : No author ever acquired durable fame by his WRITING/LOYALTY to merely conventional decencies and refinements or by outrages upon tastes and morals ?

Answer :LOYALTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:E.P.WHIPPLE. works:{"Essays and reviews, Poets of America"}[O&C 1871]

Question # 58 :The DESERT/THIRSTY wanderer is deluded by the phantom of a moving, undulating watery surface ?

Answer: THIRSTY.

Answer detail : Name of{"Philosophy of the weather"}pg.# 63, [A.1856.

Question # 59 : a relative term; what is SOLID/LIQUID in one field of study may seem fanciful in another ?

Answer: SOLID.

Answer detail : Name of author:LIDDON, works:{"Bampton Lectures"}pg.# 71.[S&W 1869]

Question # 60 : India's CULTURAL/SPIRITUAL heritage and glory far transcend the vastness of its area and the immensity of its population?


Answer detail : Name of author:C.K.Naidu. works:{"Preface:The Skeleton in the cupboard"}pg.# 7.

Question #61 : Mere FALLACIES/FACTS....are the stones heaped about the mouth of the well in whose depths truth reflects the sky ?

Answer: FACTS.

Answer detail : Name of author:E.C.STEADMAN. works:{"Nature and Elements of Poetry"}pg.# 196.[H.M.&Co 1892]

Question # 62 : People should be like coin; worth their VALUE/FACE ?

Answer: FACE.

Answer detail : Name of author:E.P.Roe,Works:{"From Jest to Ernest"}pg.# 101,[D.M.&Co]

Question # 63 : Now from the woods, mistrusted and sleepy-eyed, The FOX/HYENA in silent darkness, seems to glide ?

Answer: FOX.

Answer detail : Name of author:BLOOMFIELD, works:{"Farmer's Boy, Winter"}st.6.

Question # 64 : How unspeakably delicate [is] the FRAGILITY/FRAILTY of female friendship! ?


Answer detail : Name of author:WILKI COLLINS, works:{"Man and Wife"} pg.#291.

Question # 65 : For untold centuries, for a longer period than most cities imagine__ India has been adding to the CULTURAL/ETHICAL and spiritual treasury of mankind ?


Name of author:RANJEE SHAHANI, works:{"The Indian Way"}pg.# 154.

Question # 66: No machine yet contrived or hereafter contrivable, will ever equal the fine machinery of the human FINGERS/INTELLECT ?

Answer: FINGERS.

Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, works:{"Two Paths"}Pg.#54.[W&S 1880]

Opening Date : 2014-10-03
Result and Solution On : 2014-11-01
Closing Date : 2014-10-30

Question # 67 :They will be less than human, if they did not try to save the souls of the people by DOCKING/DITCHING their freedom ?

Answer: DOCKING.

Answer detail : Name of author:W.Besant, Works:{For Fiath And freedom},Page# 160, [H. 1889]

Question # 68 : Dowry expresses the proper meaning of the dos of the Romans, the dot of the French and dote of the Spanish law, but is a very different thing from DOWNER/DOWER ?

Answer :DOWNER.

Answer detail : Name of author:BURNHILL, works:{Dictionary Law}

Question # 69 : In making a selection of trees for a lawn.....the planter should look ahead a few years and draw largely upon his EXPERIMENTATION/IMAGINATION ?


Answer detail : Name of author:A. S. FULLER, works:{American Agriculturalist},May, 1891,pg.# 276.

Question # 70 : Strictly speaking all QUIESCENT/QUESTIONED electricity is static, and all electricity in motion, from whatever source is dynamic ?


Answer detail : Name of author:B. SILLIMANT Jr. Works:{Physics} pg.# 532, [1809]

Question # 71 : Trouble springs from idleness and grievous TOIL/TOLL from needless ease ?

Answer: TOIL.

Answer detail : Name of author:B. FRANKLIN, works:{Poor Richard, 1758} pg.# 273, [G.P.P. 1890]

Question #72 : True, in fact, bloom and perfume, the purest INFLUENCE/EFFLUENCE of a deep fine and loving nature ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CARLYLE, works:{Essays Ritcher} vol.ii, pg# 21, [H. M. & Co.]

Question # 73: Real friendship never hesitates either to give or accept a FAVOR/FERVOR ?

Answer: FAVOR.

Answer detail : Name of author:CHRISTIAN REID,works:{Morton House}, pg.#4, [A. 1873]

Question # 74: There is an EMANATION/HONESTY from the heart in genuine hospitality ?


Answer detail : Name of author:IRVING, works:{Sketch-Book},pg.#247, [G.P.P.1861]

Question # 75 : The Englishman follows VIRTUE/VALOR towards the sense of duty, the Frenchman from an emotional aspiration towards the beautiful ?

Answer: VIRTUE.

Answer detail : Name of author:FISKE, works:{Unseen World, Philosophy of Art}, pg.# 283,[H.M.& Co.1880]

Question # 76: There are unsurpassed joys in self denial, self restrain and CHARITY/HUMILITY ?

Answer: CHARITY.

Name of author:MANU SUBEDAR, works:{Introduction, Geeta Explained},pg.# 6..

Question # 77:If CIVILIZATION/EDUCATION is to be bound up with material advancement, we must accept its inevitable consequences, loss of freedom in exact proportion to the forward march. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:RAJ GOPALACHARAI, works:{Freedom Maybe Saved},pg.#167, Source:The Voice Of the Uninvolved.

Opening Date : 2014-11-08
Result and Solution On : 2014-12-01
Closing Date : 2014-11-30

Question # 78 : To a little child, not only all living creatures are endowed with human intelligence , but everything is ACTIVE/ALIVE ?

Answer: ALIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:MAX MULLER, works:{"Chips"} vol.ii,pg.# 55,[S.1970]

Question # 79 : It is a crime to ENSLAVE/INFLUENCE the human understanding , under pretense of protecting religion ?

Answer :ENSLAVE.

Answer detail : Name of{United States}, vol.i, pg.# 36.[I. B. & Co. 1876]

Question # 80 : If you become acquainted with one RESPECTFUL/EXCLUSIVE family, you have a general entree into the entire social circle ?


Answer detail : Name of author:ROSS BROWNE, works:{Land Of Thar}ch.26, pg.# 288.[H. 1887]

Question # 81 : In city life, especially late habits ENTRENCH/AFFECT terribly upon the time that ought to be diverted to sleep ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. M. BUCKLET,works:{Oats or Wild Oats},pg.# 236. [H. 1885]

Question # 82 : There is a timeless and space less quality about great CLASSICS/HISTRIONICS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:S. RADHAKRISHNAN,works:{General Introductions,The Vikrammorvasiya of Kalidas},Pg. # 5.

Question # 83 : The restless spirit of man will not allow him to remain COMMON/CONTENT ?

Answer: COMMON.

Answer detail : Name of author:DHURJATI PRASAD MUKERJI, works:{On Indian History} pg.# 70.

Question # 84 : In the sixteenth century, it was customary to combat an adversaries' views by heaping calumny on his PERSON/POST ?

Answer: PERSON.

Answer detail : Name of author:J. W. STUCKENBERG, works:{Homeletic Review}March, 1890,pg.# 267.

Question # 85 : There are REALITIES/POSSIBILITIES which it is impossible to combine in one's subject ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CAIRD. works:{Kant},vo;.i. pg.# 124, [MaCM. 1885]

Question # 86 : He who would not command respect must write with pure sentiments and elevated LEANINGS/FEELINGS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. STORY. MISCELL. works:{Writing Characteristics}pg.# 358. [L. B. & Co. 1882]

Question # 87 : GERMANY/AMERICA is the product of the commercial and industrial age ?

Answer: AMERICA.

Name of author:BURROUGHS. works:{Indoor Studies} pg.# 8.[H. M. & Co. 1889]

Question # 88 :SCIENTIFIC/MORAL causes came into consideration, in proportion as the progress of knowledge is advanced ?

Answer: MORAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:RAJ GOPALACHARAI, works:{Freedom Maybe Saved},pg.#167, Source:The Voice Of the Uninvolved.

Opening Date : 2014-12-01
Result and Solution On : 2015-01-01
Closing Date : 2014-12-30

Question # 89 : The most powerful motivators of all are virtue and VISION/VICE ?

Answer: VICE.

Answer detail : Name of author:DAVE DURRAND, Works:{Perpetual Motivation},Pg.# 48, Publisher:{Better Yourself Books}

Question # 90 : A certain altitude of about 15,000 feet in the equatorial region is required before rain can be congealed into TEMPORARY/PERMANENT snow ?


Answer detail : Name of author:STANELY, Works:{In Darkest Africa},vol.i pg.# 430, (S.1890)

Question # 91 : [Envy and PRIDE/CALUMNY and hate and pain, And that invest which man miscall delight, can touch him not and torture not again] ?

Answer: CALUMNY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Shelly, Works:{Adonais}, st.40.

Question # 92 : SCIENCE/NATURE is an endless combination and repetition of a very few laws ?

Answer: NATURE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Emerson, works:{"Essays, History.} ist series, pg.# 20,[H.M.& Co 1890]

Question # 93 : The best medicine for intemperate grief is compassion; the keenest rebuke for RIBALDRY/ADULTERY ?


Answer detail : Name of author: Bancroft. works:{United States},vol.1, pg # 257,[L. B. & Co. 1874]

Question # 94: The foolish and the ignorant are lead astray by the idea of CONTINGENCY/CONFORMITY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Froude.Works:{Short Studies, Spinoza},pg.313, [S. 1872]

Question # 95 : External life in heaven is plainly but a continuation and development of INTERNAL/EXTERNAL life on earth ?


Answer detail : Name of author:A. W. THOBALD, works:{Presence of Christ},ch. 6, pg.#232,[RAN & AS]

Question # 96 : The inner NOSE/EAR made from the same type of tissue as the penis swells during sex ?

Answer: NOSE.

Answer detail : Name of source: {DNA Newspaper,MAG. pg.# 10, "Its Personal",dt. 5/8/2012.

Question # 97 : The ability to perceive direction and take advantage of the PERCEPTIONS/SITUATIONS are necessarily connote ?


Answer detail : Name of sources: {Principles Of Psychology}, vo;.1, part, pg.# 350.[A. 1883]

Question # 98 : EQUALITY/ABILITY is conceivable only between things that are con-natural ?


Name of author:Matineau, works:{Essays, Science & Faith},vol. 1, pg.# 200,[H. H. & Co.]

Question # 99 :The BIBLE/TESTAMENT... brings into closet connections the visible and the invisible ?

Answer: BIBLE.

Answer detail : Name of author:W.{Blinding Lights}, ch. i, pg.# 2,[C. Bros. 1874]

Opening Date : 2015-01-13
Result and Solution On : 2015-02-01
Closing Date : 2015-01-31

Question # 100 : Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of CORPORATION/COMPETITION ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Henry Clay, Works:{Times of India dt.13/1/2015, Page # 14__ A Thought for today.

Question # 101 : Right path, right knowledge and right CONDUCT/THOUGHT, alone will bring about the complete purification of the soul ?

Answer :CONDUCT.

Answer detail : Name of author:S. A. Jain, Works:{"Reality}, Page # 247.

Question # 102 : If the absolute truth should really comprehend all, it cannot exclude the self of the person that CONDEMNS/CONTEMPLATES it ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Metitiyana,Sourcwe:{"Indian Philosophical Studies"}page # 16

Question # 103 : Devotion to COUNTRY/DUTY should be harmonized with devotion to humanity ?

Answer: COUNTRY.

Answer detail : Name of author:J. N. Bhatia.Sources:{Labour Relations and Humanities}, page# 149.

Question # 104 : None on earth can withstand the COURSE/FORCE of destiny ?

Answer: COURSE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Jadunath Sinha,Source:{"The Foundation Of Hinduism"}, page # 82.

Question # 105: Cultures are alive only when they are CREATIVE/PERCEPTIVE ?


Answer detail : Name of author:S. L. Bhatia. Source:{"Science and the Humanity"}, page # 37.

Question # 106 : Intellectual and ETHICAL/MORAL rights are equipollent ?

Answer: ETHICAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:WINCHELLE,Source:{"Science and Religion"}, Page #212[W & P 1877]

Question # 107 : Its hard to ask MERCY/ALMS and retain an erect mind ?

Answer: ALMS.

Answer detail : Name of author:CHANNING,Source:{"Works,Ministries for the Poor"} page# 77,[A. u. A 1883].

Question # 108 : A free, just and EQUITABLE/LIBERAL government has always developed the powers of the human mind ?


Answer detail : Name of author:ALEX CAMPBELL,Source:{"Campbell and Oweny Debate"}vol.i page # 4[H & F 1829].

Question # 109 : We may err; that one thought is enough to keep a man HUMBLE/GRUMBLE ?

Answer: HUMBLE.

Name of author:ROBERSTONE.Source:{"Sermons, first series"}ser.xxi,page# 233,[H. 1870].

Question # 110 : That only is essential to life which is COMMON/NECESSARY to all forms of life ?

Answer: COMMON.

Answer detail : Name of author:JAS ORTON,Source:{"Comparative Zoology"}Page # 43 [H. 1877].

Opening Date : 2015-02-01
Result and Solution On : 2015-03-01
Closing Date : 2015-02-28

Question # 111 : Matter itself is not mere evident than the MIND/MAN that shapes it ?

Answer: MAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:BUSHNELL, works:{Moral Uses of ark Things Of Life"}Page# 7,[S.1868]

Question # 112 : MORAL/BLACK evil is the only real evil ?

Answer :MORAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:BERWEG, Works:{Hist.Phiol. Morris"}vol.i, pt.ii{85}. page# 326.[S.1872]

Question # 113 : CONTENTMENT/WILLINGNESS is a moral excellence as much as a spiritual grace ?


Answer detail : Name of author:SPURGEON.Works:{"Sermon Notes"}vol.i-ixiv, page # 23.[F & W. 1891]

Question # 114 : No man with a fragment of chivalry comes to EXCULPATE/EXPEL himself at the expense of a woman ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CHRISTIAN REID, works:{"Question Of Honor"}bk. iii. ch.5,page# 257.[A.1857]

Question # 115: Genius produces works that are TIMELESS/EXEMPLARY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CAIRD.woerks:{"Kant"}vol.ii, bk.iii, ch.2,page# 442 [Moem.1889]

Question # 116 Where there is extravagant power, there must be extravagant PATRONAGE/PAIN ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J.J.JAVES, works:{"Art Thoughts}, page# 129,[H & H. 1869]

Question # 117: We must face the hard truth of history that mere political merger does not lead to national unity, unless there be an undercurrent of CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS unity ?


Answer detail : Name of author:K.SANTHANAM.Works:{"Satyagraha And The State"}page# 45,

Question # 118 : The highest ensign that man ever met and embraced under the cross itself, had no meaning, save an accidental INTRINSIC/ENTRINSIC one ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CARLYLE, works:{"Sartos Resartos"}page# 175. [H]

Question # 119 : A knowledge of the DEFECTS/DOUBTS of great men acts as an incentive to virtue, by showing us how they tried to overcome them ?

Answer: DEFECTS.

Answer detail : Name of author:R.D. RANADE. works:{"The Art Of Biography"}Page # 73.

Question # 120: The reign of Elizabeth was the age of learned ladies; who read and wrote Greek with surprising AGILITY/FACILITY ?


Name of athor:SCHELE DE VERE, works:{"Studies In English"}page # 47/[1867]

Question # 121 : To a man who waits to-marrow, GREED/SLEEP is a famous time slayer ?

Answer: SLEEP.

Answer detail : Name of athor:A.S.HARDY. works:{Wind Of Destiny}page # 113,[H.M.& Co.1890]

Opening Date : 2015-03-06
Result and Solution On : 2015-04-01
Closing Date : 2015-03-31

Question # 122 : Injustice and CRIMINALITY/CRUELTY are inherent in a system of totalitarian dictatorship ?


Answer detail : Name of author:S.Rahakrishnan, works:{"Economics Of Planniong"}

Question # 123: By ignorance, we know not things NECESSARY/TRUTHFULLY, by error, we know them falsely ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BURTON, works:{"Anot Melancholy, Democritus To Reades"} pg.# 32,[J.W.M. 1857]

Question # 124 : The ESCULENT/GREEN vegetables now most in use were introduced in the reign of Elizabeth ?


Answer detail : Name of author:HALLAM, works{"Middle Ages"} ch.9, pg#497 [H.1854].

Question # 125: A virtuous person of humble birth is more ESTIMABLE/VERITABLE than a vicious person of rank ?


Answer detail : :Name of author:CERVANTES. works{"Don Quizote"},pg# 541.[P & C}

Question # 126 It is the ethereal character of wit, that gives the charm to REPARTEE/HUMOR ?


Answer detail : Name of author::M. Davies. works:{"Fun"} vol.ii, pg# 288.[T. Bros.1878].

Question # 127 What etymology professes to teach is no longer that merely one word is derived from another, but how to PROVE/IMPROVE step by step, that one word was regularly and necessarily changed into another ?

Answer: PROVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:MAX MCLLEN, works:{"Science Of Language"} 24 series, pg# 259

Question # 128: Historians have loved to eulogize the manners and virtues, the glory and the benefits of BRAVERY/CHIVALRY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BANCROFT. works:{"United States"} vol.i pg# 376 [I.B.& Co. 1876].

Question # 129 : Euphony is a very vague and UNSCIENTIFIC/SCIENTIFIC term.Each nation considers its own language, each tribe its own dialect euphoric ?


Answer detail : Name odf author:MAX MULLER, works:{"Science of Language"}pg.#154, [S.1875].

Question # 130 : AIn the process of evaporation from the sea, RAIN/FRESH water only is taken, the salts left behind Answer : FRESH. ?

Answer: FRESH.

Answer detail : Name of author:M.F.MAUBY. works:{"Physical Geography"} pg.#17,[N & P. 1960].

Question # 131: Marriage is a serious affair!....the most serious.It is the EVENT/BOND for good or evil in all lives ?

Answer: EVENT.

Name of{"Endymonta"}vol.1,pg.#195. [T.1880].

Question # 132 : Death alone can LIVE/DIE everlastingly ?

Answer: DIE.

Answer detail : Name of author:ALEC FORBES"}vol.i, pg.#200.[t.1865].

Opening Date : 2015-04-04
Result and Solution On : 2015-05-01
Closing Date : 2015-04-30

Question # 133 : Dogs in their expressions of fondness, have a slight aversion of the LIPS/TONGUES ?

Answer: LIPS.

Answer detail : Name of author:DARWIN, Works:{"Emotions"}, pg.#121, [A.1873]

Question # 134: CREATIVITY/ENTHUSIASM is everything for literary nations; character is everything for acting nations ?


Answer detail : Name of author:F. LIBER, Works:{"Political Ethics"}, vol.i, pt.i, bk.ii, ch.3, pg.#144 [L.1890]

Question # 135 : The rivalry for power is the bane of DEMOCRACY/AUTOCRACY ?


Answer detail : Name of book:DADA DHARMADIKARI,Works:{"Preface, Democratic Vaues"}pg.# 9.

Question # 136 What is it that binds, limits and weakens us? DESIRE/EGO and not the body which is rooted in it ?

Answer: DESIRE.

Answer detail : Name of author:SWAMI RAMAKRISHNA,Works:{"For Thinkers On Education"}pg.#186.

Question # 137 The DESERT/THIRSTY wanderer is deluded by the phantom of a moving undulating watery surface ?

Answer: THIRSTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:T.B.BUTLER, Works:{""Philos. of the Weather"}.pg.#63 [A.1856]

Question # 138 Mind is distinguished by the three attributes or properties named EMOTION/FEELING, volition and intellect ?

Answer: FEELING.

Answer detail : Name of author:BAIN, Works:{"Emotions And Will"} pg.#3, [a.1876]

Question # 139 :You sometimes see husband and wife, after a half century of FELLOWSHIP/COURTSHIP changed entirely into the same image ?


Answer detail : Name of author:DRUMMOND, Works:{"The Perfected Life"}, ch.4, pg.#14,[F.H.H.1890]

Question # 140 : Scientific results grow out of FACTS/FIGURES, but till they have been fertilized by thought ?

Answer: FACTS.

Answer detail : Name of author:AGASSI, Works:{"Methods Of Study"}, ch.13, pg.#202,[T.& F 1883]

Question # 141 : The overcoming of DESIRE/FEAR is the indespensible condition of pleasure ?

Answer: DESIRE.

Answer detail : Name of author:M.HIRYANA, Works:{"Art Experience"} pg.#10.

Question # 142 For untold centuries, for a longer period that most critics imagine__ India has been adding to the CULTURAL/ETHICAL and spiritual treasury of mankind. ?


Name of author:RANJEE SHAHANI, Works:{"The Indian Way"}pg. #154

Question # 143 : No machine yet contrived or hereafter contrivable will ever equal the fine machinery of the human FINGERS/INTELLECT ?

Answer: FINGERS.

Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, Works:{"Two Paths"}, pg.$54 [W & S.1881]

Opening Date : 2015-05-04
Result and Solution On : 2015-06-01
Closing Date : 2015-05-31

Question # 144 : Indian yogis and fakirs.....throw themselves into hypnotic state by means of FIXATION/MAGIC of the gaze ?


Answer detail : Name of author:A.MOLL, Works:{"Hypnotism"} ch.1, pg.2,[S & W. 1890]

Question # 145: The SAGACIOUS/ANGRY man can foresee, because he can see.Insight is the only sight ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J.F.CLARKE, works:{"Everyday Religion"}, pg.194,[T & F 1886]

Question # 146 Whenever nature has commissioned one creature to prey upon another, she has preserved the ORDER/BALANCE by forewarning the other creature ?

Answer: BALANCE.

Answer detail : Name of author:BURROUGHS., Works:{"Birds And poets"},pg.51, [H.M.& Co.1889]

Question # 147 To render ourselves insensible to pain, we must forefeit also the possibility of PLEASURE/HAPPINESS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. LUBBOCK,Works:{"Pleasures Of Life"}ch.1, vol.i, pg.9,[MACCM 1887]

Question # 148 To possess wisdom is not enough; it is necessary to have INTUITION/DEVOTION and uneasing effort ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Rajendra Prasad.Works:{"Different Paths Before God"}Source:Hail rennaissance by Chinmiya Mission, pg.15.

Question # 149 Whether it pleases you or pains you, the call of COUNTRY/DUTY is paramount and must be obeyed implicitly ?

Answer: DUTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Swami Avisananda,Works:{"Gita Letters"}, pg.85.

Question # 150 : To forget is the opposite of LEND/GET, but signifies only a mental loss ?

Answer: GET.

Answer detail : Name of author:WHITNEY.Works:{"Life And growth Of Language"}pg.89,[A.1890]

Question # 151 : CONSCIOUSNESS/REINCARNATION may be a false witness to any former existence ?


Answer detail : Name of author:HAMILTON,Works:{"Metaphysics"}pg.189.[G.&L. 1859]

Question # 152 : Beware of GREED/LUST: it doth polute and foul, Whom God in baptism washed with his own blood ?

Answer: LUST.

Answer detail : Name of author:HERBERT.Works:{"The temple, Church Porch"}st.2

Question # 153 Foul words is but foul mind and foul mind is but foul breadth, and foul breadth is NICOTINE/NOISOME ?

Answer: NOISOME.

Name of author:SHAKESPEARE. Works:{"Much Ado About Nothing"}act.IV, scene.2,

Question # 154 Now, from the woods, mistrustful and sharp eyed, the FOX/HYENA in silent darkness, seems to glide ?

Answer: FOX.

Answer detail : Name of author:BLOOKFIELD, Works:{"Farmer's Boy, Winter"}st.6

Opening Date : 2015-06-05
Result and Solution On : 2015-07-01
Closing Date : 2015-06-30

Question # 155 : Pain...... is penalty and comes from the barriers which we require from avoidable collusion with law, but the law itself sustains not the least FRACTURE/INJURY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:H. Wood, Works{"The Arena, January,1892"}pg# 201.

Question # 156: How unspeakably delicate [is] the FRAIGILITY/FRAILTY of female friendship ?


Answer detail : Name of author:WILKI COLLINS, Works:{"Man And Wife"},Pg.# 291.[H.]

Question # 157 The belief that the human soul is a detached FRAGMENT/FACE of the Diety... led to the belief that after death, it would be reabsorbed in the present spirit ?


Answer detail : Name of author:LECKY. Works:{"His European Morals"}vol.i,pg.# 192.[A.1873]

Question # 158 Money is almost always a curse to those who have not WON/EARNED it by their own industry and frugality ?

Answer: WON.

Answer detail : Name of author:W.G.LADDEN.Works:{"Applied Christianity"}pg.# 21,[H.M.& Co.1887]

Question # 159 A successful nation is usually composed of citizens, the majority whom are efficient, of good character and possess a reasonable high sense of HONOR/DUTY ?

Answer: DUTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:M.Visvesvarya,Works:{"Memoriors of My working Life"}pg.# 133.

Question # 160 The indian situation is in glaring contrast with the situation in modern countries where ECONOMIC/SCIENTIFIC progress has been astounding and unprecedented ?


Answer detail : Name of author:C.R.B.MENON, Works:{"Rurla Credit Schemes For India"}pg.# 69.

Question # 161 : Sir Issac Newton humbly said that he had one INSIGHT/TALENT, the ability to look steadily at a problem, until he saw it through ?

Answer: TALENT.

Answer detail : Name of author:E.S.PHELPS. Works:{"Struggle For Immortality"}pg.#215.[H.M.&Co.1889]

Question # 162 : An able OLD/BAD man is an ill instrument and to be shuned as a plague ?

Answer: BAD.

Answer detail : Name of author:PENN. Works:{"Fruits Of Solitutude"} Name of author:PENN, Works:{"Fruits Of Solitutude"},CCl.vii,pg.#55 [PH 1785]

Question # 163 : A mightier hope DESTROYS/ABOLISHES despair ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON,Works:{"Essays, over Soul"}pg.#235 [H.& Co.]

Question # 164 VIOLATIONS/VINDICATIONS of public liberty are..... followed by some temporary abridgment of that very liberty ?


Answer detail : Name of author:MACALAY.Works:{"England"}, vol.i,ch.ii,pg.# 1018,[W.F.A.1881]

Question # 165 Man and HUMAN/WOMAN are concrete; humanity is an abstract notion ?

Answer: HUMAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:PORTER. Works:{"Intellectual Science"}, pt.iii,ch.2,pg.#332 {S.1871]

Opening Date : 2015-07-08
Result and Solution On : 2015-08-01
Closing Date : 2015-07-31

Question # 166 : Wisdom is not a big epiphany, but the sum of small RESOLUTIONS/REVELATIONS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Paulo Coelho.

Question # 167: As habit is the principle of conservation of 'type', so ADULATION/ACCOMODATION is the principle of modification of type ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BALDWIN, Works:{"Dist.Phios.& Phycholos."}Pg# 8,[MACN'01]

Question # 168 If sound and beneficial ideas are inculcated through RELIGION/EDUCATION, many of the conflicts and dissentions today will disappear ?


Answer detail : Name of author:HUMAYUN KABIR, works{"Forward:Peace, Philosophy and Progress"}

Question # 169 We are MORALISTS/EGOISTS one and all ?

Answer: EGOISTS.

Answer detail : Name of author:ANITA DESAI, works{"Cry< The Peacock"},Pg# 134.

Question # 170 When organised bodies increase in size,as crystals do, the increase is produced simply by what is called INCLUSION/ACCRETION, that is to say,by the addition of fresh particles from the outside ?


Answer detail : Name of author:NICHOLSON, works:{"Manual of Zoology, Introduction"},pg# 3.[A.1888]

Question # 171 There is something strengthning..... in acknowedging that we have done RIGHT/WRONG ?

Answer: WRONG.

Answer detail : Name of author:ROBERTSON, works:{"Sermons, first series"}, pg# 101,[H.1870]

Question # 172 :To the heart of LOVE/FAITH, hopes are actual as realities ?

Answer: FAITH.

Answer detail : Name of author:FARRAR, works{"Early Days Of Christianity"}bk.iii, ch.18,pg# 333,[F.H.&B 1880]

Question # 173 : The SPEAKER/ORATOR... must accurately.... digest in writing before hand the substance, and even the form of his address ?

Answer: ORATOR.

Answer detail : Name of author:E.Everette,works{"Webstor's Words"}, vol.i, pg# 70.[L.B.&Co.1858]

Question # 174 : Give a boy TACT/ADDRESS and accomplishments and you give the mastery of places and fortunes, where he goes ?

Answer: ADDRESS.

Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON. works{"Conduct of Life Culture"}, pg# 148, [T & F. 1860]

Question # 175 Every theory must be judged... by its own positive ADEQUACY/SUITABILITY to the facts ?


Name of author:BROWNE, works{"Studies in Theism"}pg.# 5,[F &

Question # 176 The HAZY/LAZY belief thast things will do adjust themselves as to prevent the natural consequences of a wrong or a foolish act is a very common fallacy ?

Answer: LAZY.

Answer detail : Name of author:FISKE, works{"Excurssions"}, pg# 22,[H.M.& Co.1890]

Opening Date : 2015-08-05
Result and Solution On : 2015-09-01
Closing Date : 2015-08-31

Question # 177 : Poetry deals with IMAGINATION/TRUTH as colored by emotion ?

Answer: TRUTH.

Answer detail : Name of author:Hiramany Banerjee, Works:{"How to Digest My Master"}, pg.# 19.

Question # 178: It is not the churches we want, but the sacrifice; not the emotion of admiration, but the act of ADORATION/APPROBATION, not the gift, but the giving ?


Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, Works{"Seven Lamps"},ch.1, pg# 17,[W&S 1890]

Question # 179 Most men ADMONISH/ADMIRE virtue,, who follow not her love ?

Answer: ADMIRE.

Answer detail : Name of author:MILTON, Works{"PR"},bk.1, pg# 432.

Question # 180 Abstain from all those books, which, while they have some good things about them,have also ADMISSION/ADMIXTURE of evil ?


Answer detail : Name of author:TALMAGE, Works{"Sports That Kill,An1,plague spot"}pg.# 182,[H.1875]

Question # 181 Man is........ different from other animals in the length of his BODY/ADOLESCENCE ?


Answer detail : Name of author:FISKE, Works:{"Excursions"}, ch.12, pg# 306,[H.M.& Co.1890]

Question # 182 Let not the FERVENT/SLIPPERRY tongue prompt to deceive, with adulation Smooth Gain on your proposed will ?

Answer: FERVENT.

Answer detail : Name of author:THOMSON, Works:{"Seasons, Springs"}, pg# 987.

Question # 183 : Work is the PART/PLAY of the adult facilities ?

Answer: PLAY.

Answer detail : Name of author:O.S.Weaver, Works:{"Heart Of The World"},Pg.# 193,[P.L.& Co.1883]

Question # 184 : Next to murder, adultery is the greatest of all RELIGIOUS/SOCIAL crimes ?

Answer: SOCIAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:C.HODGE, Works:{"System, Theology"}vol.iii, ch.19,pg# 386.[S.1874]

Question # 185 : Religion is a question of FACT/FAITH, not of talk ?

Answer: FACT.

Answer detail : Name of author:Swami Vivekananda, Works:{"Jnana Yoga"}, pg.#170,

Question # 186 The spirit of the age is in favor of EQUALITY/UNITY, though practice denies it almost everywhere ?


Answer detail : Name of author:JAWAHARLAL NEHRU,Works:{"The Discovery Of India"}, pg.# 555.

Question # 187 Modern man is EMOTIONALLY/SPIRITUALLY isolated and lonely ?


Answer detail : Name of author":SHRI KUMARSWAMI,Works:{"Education and Socialism"},pg.# 89.

Opening Date : 2015-09-03
Result and Solution On : 2015-10-01
Closing Date : 2015-09-30

Question # 188 : Of the best English poetry, it might be said that it is understanding AERATED/SUPPORTED by the imagination ?

Answer: AERATED.

Answer detail : Name of author:LOWELL, works:{"Among My Books, Dryden"}, first series, pg.# 21.[O. & C 1871]

Question # 189: Poetry never does AFFECT/EFFECT a child ?

Answer :AFFECT.

Answer detail : Name of author:DInam. M. Clark, works:{"My Mother And I"}ch.1, pg# 16.[H.1874]

Question # 190When learning ceases to be UNCOMMON/COMMON among women, learned women will cease to be effected ?


Answer detail : Name of author:SYDNEY SMITH, works{"Essays, Female Education."}, vol.i, pg# 179,[H. & HT 1874]

Question # 191 Enthusiasm is only powerful and active so long as it is AGGRESSIVE/SUPPORTIVE ?


Answer detail : Name of author:LOWELL, works{"Among My Books"}Pg# 232, [O & C 1873]

Question # 192 Sentimental and EMOTIONAL/PHILOSOPHICAL by nature, we have basked for long in the reflected glory of our predecessors ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Subrata Banerjee,works{"Literary Criticism, Bengal"} pg.# 75.

Question # 193 The MUSCLES/NERVES of the body may be thrown into agitation under a wave of strong feeling ?

Answer: MUSCLES.

Answer detail : Name of author:BAIN, works{"Senses"},bk.i,ch.4, pg#279.[A. 1879]

Question # 194 : Over all things that are AGREEABLE/LOGICAL to his nature and genius, the man has the highest right ?


Answer detail : Name of{"Essays"}, pg.#129, [B. C. & Co.]

Question # 195 : Blessed by MONEY/AGRICULTURE!If one does not have too much of it ?


Answer detail : Name of{"Rome"},vol.i, ch.2,pg.#103, [P & C.1890]

Question # 196 : There is no weapon that MURDERS/SLAYS its victim so surely(if well aimed) as praise ?

Answer: SLAYS.

Answer detail : Name of author:OWEN. Works{"Meredith Lucile"}pt.ii, can.i,st.20.

Question # 197 There is in ALCHEMIST/GENIUS that alchemy that converts all metals into gold ?

Answer: GENIUS.

Answer detail : Name of author:CARYLE.Works{"Essays, Schiller"}vol.ii, pg.# 257,[H. M. & Co]

Question # 198 Failure in aleatory operations is.....more apt than failure to induce DESPOTISM/DESPONDENCY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Source: New York Times,July 28th, 1892, pg# 4, column 3.

Opening Date : 2015-10-02
Result and Solution On : 2015-11-01
Closing Date : 2015-10-31

Question # 199 : The French are alert rather than SUSPICIOUS/SPONTANEOUS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W. C. Browell,Works:{"French Traits"} ch.4, pg.#168.[S.1889]

Question # 200 : Let a pastor live in a state of alertness towards all resources of ORATORICAL/WRITTEN knowledge ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Austin Phelps. Works:{"Man And Books"}xxi, pg.# 303,[S.1882]

Question # 201 : Natural science and historical study are not alien and inimical to RELIGION/RACE ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Fisher, Works:{"Nature f Revelation"}ch.i, pg# 33,[S.1890]

Question # 202 : The rays of the soul ALIGHT/DESCEND first on the things nearest ?

Answer: ALIGHT.

Answer detail : Name of author:Emerson, Works:{"Essays"} first series, pg.# 148,[H.M.& Co.1890]

Question # 203 : Every stone is ALIVE/ACTIVE with purpose ?

Answer: ALIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Burroughhs.Works:{"Signs And Seasons"}pg.281,[H.M.& Co 1890].

Question # 1204 : All is possible for those who dare to CREATE/DIE ?

Answer: DIE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Scott, Works:{"Ivanhoe"}pg.# 216 [P & C]

Question # 205 : "The love that leads the willing spheres }This is a two line poem; hope you will love it, AMONG/ALONG the unending track of years" }and understanding the meaning of the poet ?

Answer: ALONG.

Answer detail : Name of author:Beyant.Works:{"Song Of The Sower"}st.10,

Question # 206 : Society is.......always trying to grind us down to a single FLAT/ROUND surface ?

Answer: FLAT.

Answer detail : Name of author:HOLMES, Works:{"Professor"}pg.# 141,[H.M.& Co 1884]

Question # 207 : JUDAISM/CHRISTIANITY..... is confessedly the most amazing moral force ever exhibited ?

Answer: JUDAISM.

Answer detail : Name of author:Garbett,Works:{"God's Word Written"}pg.# 13,[ATS}

Question # 208 : Expressed in French, a COMPOSITION/PROPOSITION cannot be ambiguous ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W.C.Brownwell, Works:{"French Traits"}essay.iii, pg.#116,[S.1889]

Question # 209 : He who is ambitious of things AJAR/AFAR and uncertain, passes at once into the Poet-Land of imagination ?

Answer: AFAR.

Answer detail : Name of author:BULLWER-LYTTON, Works:{"Haruld"}pg.# 172,[H & S 1890]

Opening Date : 2015-11-03
Result and Solution On : 2015-12-01
Closing Date : 2015-11-30

Question # 210 : Husband and wife....must both taste the same AMBROSIA/WINE or the same gall ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Houghton. works:{"Women of the Orient"}, pg.# 141, [ P & H]

Question # 211 : Think not that morality is AMBULATORY/EQUIVOCAL ?


Answer detail : Name of author:T.B. Brownie, Works{"Christian Morals"}, Pg.# 64.[W. P. 1835]

Question # 212 : To be happy yourself, you must BE/LIVE among the happy ?

Answer: LIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Disraeli,works{"Contarini Fleming"}pt.i, ch.17,pg.# 72,[T. 1846]

Question # 213 : Love among mortals.....Is but an endless SEARCH/SIGH ?

Answer: SIGH.

Answer detail : Name of author:LongFellow, works{"Children of the Lord's Supper"} st.6.

Question # 214 : A THINKING/THOUGHTLESS woman has power to do a vast amount of harm ?


Answer detail : Name of author:T. S. Arthur, works{"What Can Woman Do?"}, ch.19, pg# 177,[J.W.B.1856]

Question # 215 : The vessel most commonly used by the Romans for keeping their wine was the amphora called also QUADRANTAL/PITCHER ?


Answer detail : Name of author:N.W.Fiske, works{"Manual Class, Lit."}pt.iv,pg.# 632.[F.W.G.1839]

Question # 216 : To attempt by a mere logical knowledge to AMPLIFY/SIMPLIFY a science is an absurdity ?

Answer: AMPLIFY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Hamilton, works{"Logic"}, pg# 32,[G & L 1860]

Question # 217 : The very fact of our driving pleasure from certain amusements creates a kind of EXULTATION/HUMILIATION ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Lecky, works{"History, Eur. Morals"}vol.i, pg# 88.[A.1873]

Question # 218 : Government and co-operation are.... the laws of life, Anarchy and DESPOTISM/COMPETITION eternally and in all things, the laws of death ?


Answer detail : Name of{"Modern Painters"}vol.v,pg# 166,[W & S.1860]

Question # 219 : Whosoever has seen a person of character and happy genius will have remarked how easily...nature became ANCILLARY/ANCHOR to a man ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, works{"Nature"},pg.# 27,[H. M. & Co. 1889]ANGER

Question # 220 : ANIMOSITY/ANGER arises from an idea of evil having been inflicted or threatened ?

Answer: ANGER.

Answer detail : Name of author:MCCOSH, works{"Emotions"}, pg# 122,[S.1880]

Opening Date : 2015-12-03
Result and Solution On : 2016-01-01
Closing Date : 2015-12-31

Question # 221 : What you were, others may QUESTION/ANSWER for;what you tried to be, you must answer for yourself ?

Answer: ANSWER.

Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, works:{"Ethics of the Dust"}pg# 101 [W & S 1888]

Question # 222 : Parents cannot be too solicitous in ANTAGONISM/CONFRONTATION with their children ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Spencer, works{"Education"} pg# 179.[J. B. A 1885]

Question # 223 : Infidelity gives the victory, when it wrestles with hypocrisy or superstition, but never when its antagonist is REASON/LOGIC ?

Answer: REASON.

Answer detail : Name of author:BANCROFT.Works{"United States"} vol.i. pg# 447. [L. B. & Co.1866]]

Question # 224 : MAN/WOMAN is no longer an isolated spirit without antecedent or relation ?

Answer: MAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:R. L. Stevenson, Works{"Familiar Studies"} pg.# 56.[S. 1887]

Question # 225 : n this world, a man must either be TONG/ANVIL or hammer ?

Answer: ANVIL.

Answer detail : Name of author:LongFellow, works{"Hyperion"}, bk.iv. ch.6.

Question # 226 : None are so anxious as those who STAND/WATCH and wait ?

Answer: WATCH.

Answer detail : Name of author:DICKENS, Works{" Old Curiosity Shop"}, vol.i, pg# 106.[H & H. 1871]

Question # 227 : The bravest men are....the most anxious to avoid QUARRELS/QUITTING ?


Answer detail : Name of author:MATHEWS.Works{"Getting On In The World"}pg# 154,[S. C. G. 1874]

Question # 228 : There was never NOTHING/ANYTHING, that did not proceed from a thought ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, works{"Lecture And Biology Sketches"}pg # 258,[H. M. & Co.1888]

Question # 229 : Our THOUGHTS/DEEDS are like children that are born to us; they live and act apart from our own will ?

Answer: DEEDS.

Answer detail : Name of author:George Elliot,Works{"Romola"}, pg# 152, [H.]

Question # 230 : Man is the APEX/SUMMIT of the creation ?

Answer: APEX.

Answer detail : Name of author:J. W. Donaldson,works{"New Cratylus"}bk.i, cp.i,pg# 16.[L. G. & Co. 1868]

Question # 231 : Exclusively of the abstract sciences, the largest and worthiest portion of our knowledge consists of APHORISMS/PRECEPTS ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Colirtdge, works{"Works, Aids To Reflection"} vol.i, pg# 120[H. 1858]

Opening Date : 2016-01-02
Result and Solution On : 2016-02-01
Closing Date : 2016-01-31

Question # 232 : Life calls to us in some transformed APOCALYPTIC/PROPHETIC voice ?


Answer detail : Name of author:E. W. Browning,Works:{"Aurora Leigh"} bk.i, 1.675.

Question # 233: A politic or CONTRADICTORY/DEMONSTRATIVE Judgments are subjectively and objectively sure....and capable of being enforced on all of sane mind, who can be made to understand them ?


Answer detail : Name of author:L. H. Artwater,works:{"Elementary logic"} ch.7, pg# 194, {t}

Question # 234: There is no more universal characteristic of human nature than the instinct of WOMAN/MAN to apologize themselves for themselves ?

Answer: MAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:LOWELL, orks:{"Among My Books"} first series, pg.# 370 [O & C 1873]

Question # 235 : The tone of APOLOGY/APOPTOSIS is always a tone of weakness and does injury to a good cause ?

Answer: APOLOGY.

Answer detail : Name of author:JOWETT, Works:{"Essays And Reviews,Interpret Of Script},pg.# 386,W. W. & Co. 1864]

Question # 236 : You may accumulate the most expensive apparatus for instruction; but without an intellectual gifted LEADER/TEACHER, it is little better than rubbish ?

Answer: TEACHER.

Answer detail : Name of author:CHANNING, Works:{"Works"}, pg# 62,[A. U. A. 1853]

Question # 237 : Our misfortunes are sometimes angels in disguise, but they are not always thus APPARELED/SEEN ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. T. FIELDS. Works:{"Underbrush"},Pg# 307, [H. M. & Co.]

Question # 238 : Men's DRESSING/BEHAVIOR should like their apparel, not too straight or paint device, but free for exercise or motion ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BACON, Works:{"Essays Of Ceremonies"}vol.i. pg# 303, [H. G. B. 1871]

Question # 239 : Overt and APPARENT/PALPABLE virtues brings forth praise ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Essays Of Fortunes"}vol.i, pg# 293, [H. G. B. 1871]

Question # 240 : Heroism and bravery appeal to every NATION/NATURE ?

Answer: NATURE.

Answer detail : Name of author:LEVER, Works:{"Tom Burke Of Ours"} ch.32, pg# 234. [H & S]

Question # 241 : Knowledge,like religion leads us away from what appears to what IS/WAS ?

Answer: IS.

Answer detail : Name of author:SPAULDING, Works:{"University Education"}pg# 80,[BAC 1885]

Question # 242 : Of all the passions and appetites, the love of WOMAN/POWER is of the most imperious....nature ?

Answer: POWER.

Answer detail : Name of author:GIBBON, Works:{"Rome"},vol.i, pg# 103,[H. 1877]

Opening Date : 2016-02-04
Result and Solution On : 2016-03-01
Closing Date : 2016-02-29

Question # 243: Triumph, applause, acclamation are dear to the MIND/SPIRIT of man ?

Answer: MIND.

Answer detail : Name of author:ADDISON, Works:{"Spectator"},Sept, 17th, 1711

Question # 244: The gratification which wealth can bestow is...... in the wise APPROBATION/APPLICATION of it ?


Answer detail : Name of author:CERVANTES, Works:{"Don Quixote Travels"}by Jerves, pt.2,pg# 395.[ P & C]

Question # 245: All true ALLOCATION/APPRECIATION is the result of keen insight and noble passion ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BLACKIE, Works:{"Self Culture"} pg# 93 [S.1874]

Question # 246 : APPREHENSION/SUPERSTITION always paints in black ?


Answer detail : Name of author:LAW WALLACE, Works:{"Ben Hur"} bk.v, pg# 383. [H]

Question # 247 : SCIENCE/LITERATURE is a trade, like every other vocation must serve an apprenticeship, if you expect to excel ?

Answer: SCIENCE.

Answer detail : Name of author:HOWELLS.Works:{"Minister's Charge"} pg# 19 [T & F 1887]

Question # 248 : There are men___ a few men___ of such capacity that they seem to approach almost all SUBJECTS/ASPECTS with equal ease ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Albert Barnes, Works:{"Evidences f Christianity"}pg # 21,[H. 1868]

Question # 249 : Without FACT/FAITH, there is no real approach to God ?

Answer: FAITH.

Answer detail : Name of author:Century magazine}, March 1890, pg# 784.

Question # 250 : That which evokes ROYAL/MORAL approbation is not virtue in the abstract ?

Answer: MORAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:McCosh,Works:{"Emotions"}, bk.i, ch.2, pg# 47. [S.1880]

Question # 251 : Vanity has its END/ORIGIN in appropriateness ?

Answer: ORIGIN.

Answer detail : Name of author:W. C. BROWNELL, Works:{"French Traits"}, essays.i,pg#23 [S. 1889]

Question # 252 : The only successful EXPERIMENTS/REFORMATORIES are those....which have approximated their regime to the method of Nature ?


Answer detail : Name of author:SPENCER, Works:{"Education"}. pg# 177. [A. 1889]

Question # 253 : Things seem to approximate to God in proportion to their EFFORT/VITALITY and movement ?


Answer detail : Name of author:BULWER-LYTTON, Works:{"Caxtons"}, pg# 143, [H. 1837]

Opening Date : 2016-03-08
Result and Solution On : 2016-04-01
Closing Date : 2016-03-31

Question # 254 : Woman is appreciated only as she APPROXIMATES/SACRIFICES to sterner naturesn ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Lydia.H.Sigourney,works:{"Letter To Young Ladies"}pg# 14,[H. 1837.

Question # 255 : There is no practical QUESTION/ANSWER on which anything more than an approximate solution ?

Answer : ANSWER.

Answer detail : Name of author:Emerson, works:{"Rep. Men"}pg# 151, [H. M. & C0.1883]

Question # 256 : Printing...... was the means of an approximation to a systematic and uniform ORTHOGRAPHY/ORTHODOXY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:R. G. White, works:{"Every-Day English"}ch.16,pg# 259, [H.M.& co.1881]

Question # 257 : Aprons are defences: against injury to cleanliness, to safety, to MODESTY/MANNERS, sometimes to roguery ?

Answer: MODESTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Carlyle, works:{"Sartar Resartus"}bk.i, ch.6, pg# 41,[]

Question # 258 : There is not,if he consults his ATTITUDES/APTITUDES... will not find that he has a call ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Chaplin, works:{"living Works"}pg # 217, [A.T. 1860].

Question # 259 : Logic is the COMMON/ONLY judge or arbiter of all particular investigations ?

Answer: COMMON.

Answer detail : Name of author:Mill, works:{"Logic Introduction"}pg# 21, [H. 1884].

Question # 260 : RELIGION/BIBLE is not a thing of arbitrary requisitions, it is inherent need of the soul ?


Answer detail : Name of author:H.W.Beecher. works:{"Plymouth Pulpit"}pg # 37,[H.1865].

Question # 261 : A great architect must be a great sculptor or painter...if he is not...he can only be a BUILDER/BOULDER ?

Answer: BUILDER.

Answer detail : Name of author:Ruskin, works:{"True And Beautiful Sculpture"},pg # 209.[W&S 1867].

Question # 262 : CONSTRUCTION/ARCHITECTURE... is the art which so disposes and adorns the edifices raised by men for whatsoever uses, that the sight of them contributes to his mental health, power and pleasures ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Ruskin, works:{"True And Beautiful Art"}pg #21,[W&S 1887]

Question # 263 : All good ARCHITECTURE/LITERATURE is the expression of the natural life and character ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Ruskin, works:{"Crown of wild Olive"}pg # 48,[W&S 1866]

Question # 264 : Man.... stands alone ___ ARCHON/KING of Mammals ?

Answer: ARCHON.

Answer detail : Name of author:DANA, works:{"Geology"}pg# 573.[nt & co. 1870]

Opening Date : 2016-04-01
Result and Solution On : 2016-05-01
Closing Date : 2016-04-30

Question # 265 : Nothing more strikes a stranger who visits the American Universities than the VEHEMENCE/ARDOUR with which the younger generation has thrown itself into study ?

Answer: ARDOUR.

Answer detail : Name of author:Bayce, works:{"American Commonwealth"}, vol.II, pt. VI,pg.# 633[MacM 1888]

Question # 266 : Purity forced by self-constraint or maintained by mere prudence ARGUES/AUGMENTS impunity ?

Answer : ARGUES.

Answer detail : Name of author:Bushnell, works:{"Work And Play"}, pg# 16. [S.1864]

Question # 267 : There is nothing more ABUSIVE/DELUSIVE than arguing from a fellow's school or collegiate successes to his triumphs in after life ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Lever, works:{"Luttrel Of Arren"}, ch.3, pg# 20. [H. 1865]

Question # 268 : Language has been truly pronounced the ARMORY/JEWEL of the human mind ?

Answer: ARMORY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Mathews, works:{"Words"}, pg# 6, [S. C. G. 1884]

Question # 269: When Christian England is once fairly roused, there is no resisting the mighty army of ROUNDHEADS/CRAZYHEADS ready to die for principle ?


Answer detail : Name of author:D. S. Gregory, works:{"Princeton Review"}January, 1878,pg# 57,

Question # 270 : True CONSCIENCE/MYSTERY costs no shadows around ?

Answer: MYSTERY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Drommond, works:{"Natural Law, Biogenesis"}, pg# 90, [J. P. 1884]

Question # 271 : We at once distinguish the man of the unpremeditated and evidently habitual ARRANGEMENT/SELECTION of his words ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. W. Donaldson,works:{"New Cratylus"},pg# 11, [L. G. & Co.1868]

Question # 272 : How easy is to conform preconceived judgments by an array of PARTIAL/DOUBTFUL facts ?

Answer: PARTIAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:J.L.Nevius, works:{"China And The Chinese."}pg.# 287.[H. 1869]

Question # 273 : If one's despair becomes triumphant, all the little ARREARS/STORAGE of physical strength would collapse at once ?

Answer: ARREARS.

Answer detail : Name of author:DeQuincey,Works:{"The Spanish Nun"}pg.#68,[ (No.20)]

Question # 274 : The mischief of intellectual conceit in our day consists in its ARRESTING/ARRANGING mental growth at the start ?


Answer detail : Name of author:E. P. Whipple, works:{"Character, Intellectual."}pg.# 85,[T&F 1866]

Question # 275 : In a society, it frequently happens that great activity in some one direction causes TOTAL/PARTIAL arrests of activity elsewhere ?

Answer: PARTIAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:Spencer.Works:{"Universal Progress"}, pg# 411 [A. 1864]

Opening Date : 2016-05-06
Result and Solution On : 2016-06-01
Closing Date : 2016-05-31

Question # 276 : Love means intimacy, love means two persons coming closer,love means two bodies but one SOUL/SEX ?

Answer: SOUL.

Answer detail : Name of author:Osho, Works:{"Intimacy"}pg# 161.

Question # 277 : Real love shares; it is not to EXPLOIT/EXPOSE the other; it is not to possess the other ?

Answer : EXPLOIT.

Answer detail : Name of author: Osho, works{"Intimacy"}pg# 143.

Question # 278 : Love is possible only when you love for LOVE'S/LOVER'S sake ?

Answer: LOVE'S.

Answer detail : Name of Author:Osho. works:{"I am That"}, pg# 308,Jaico Publishing.

Question # 279 : Love is one of the most dangerous PHENOMENON/FANTASY ?


Answer detail : Name of author: Osho, Works:{"I Am That"}, pg#307, ch.14,Jaico Publishing.

Question # 280: Food and SEX/LOVE are deeply connected ?

Answer: SEX.

Answer detail : Name of author:Osho, Works:{"I Am That"}, pg# 321,Jaico Publishing.

Question # 281 : Sexual union is not just a physical act of intercourse, it involves our complete PERSONA/PERSONALITY ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Jeanette Pinto,Works:{"Life, Love And Sex"}ch.5, pg# 62,Publisher:St.Pauls's Sopciety.

Question # 282 : INFIDELITY/INFATUATION is usually temporary and eventually fades ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Jeanette Pinto, Works:{"Life, Love And Sex."}Pg# 90, ch,8, Publisher:St. Paul's Publications.

Question # 283 : In understanding that we belong to one particular sex, we will express our GROWING/GLOWING need for friendship and intimacy with the opposite sex ?

Answer: GROWING.

Answer detail : Name of author:Jeanette Pinto, Works:{"Life, Love And Sex."}ch.11,pg#104,Publisher: St. Pauls's Society.

Question # 284 : LOVE/SEX is the light, the only light that can illuminate a world grown dim with violence and evi ?

Answer: LOVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Jeanette Pinto,Works:{"Life, Love And Sex."}ch.1, pg# 17, Publisher: St. Paul's publications.

Question # 285: Marrying for love may seem to be a very silly thing, but marrying without love for a consideration is WICKED/CROOKED ?

Answer: WICKED.

Answer detail : Name of author:HOLLAND, Works:{"Titcomb Letters"}, pg# 128, [S.1870]

Question # 286 : The common fallacy is that intimacy dispenses with the necessity of POLITENESS/CHIVALRY, the truth is just the opposite ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Gail Hamilton, Works:{"Atlantic Monthly"} September, 1862,pg# 360.

Opening Date : 2016-06-07
Result and Solution On : 2016-07-01
Closing Date : 2016-06-30

Question # 287: There is no art so divine as that of....QUICKNING/AWAKENING other minds ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Channing; Works:{"Ministry For Poor"},Pg # 84.[A. U. A 1883]

Question # 288 : Still sways their souls that commanding art/ That dazzles, leads, yet CHILLS/FILLS the vulgar ?

Answer: CHILLS.

Answer detail : Name of author:Byron, works:{"Corsair"}can.1. st.8.

Question # 289 : ART/SCIENCE is the external manifestation of the idea, the revelation of the invisible reality through the senses. ?

Answer: ART.

Answer detail : Name of author:W. S. Lilly, works:{"On Right And Wrong"}ch.10, pg# 228 [C & H 1890]

Question # 290: While CONSTRUCTION/MANUFACTURE is the works of hands only, art is the work of whole spirit of man. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Ruskin, works:{"Queen Of The Air"}, pt.iii, pg# 121.[S. E. & Co. 1869]

Question # 291 : The artist,in no matter what kind of material or branch of the arts must be moved and TOUCHED/GUIDED by the sentiment of beauty.?

Answer: GUIDED.

Answer detail : Name of author:G. T. LADD. works:{"Knowledge, Life And Reality"}pg# 384,[D. M. & CO.1909]

Question # 292 : FACTS/ARTICLES too...lose much of their historical value by the treatment they receive from subsequent schools. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:MULLER, works:{"Chips"}, vol.i, preface, pg# 15,[S. 1874]

Question # 293 : The best artist is not the one who fixes his eye on BEAUTY/POSTERITY, but the one who loves the practice of his art. ?


Answer detail : NName of author:R. L. Stevenson, works:{"Virginbus Puerisque"}pg # 201,[S. 1889]

Question # 294 :Man is an ARTIST/ICONIC animal in a very special sense. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W. S. Lilly, works:{"On Right And Wrong"}pg # 222,[C. & H. 1890]

Question # 295 : All the good qualities to which we give names.... are not so much parts of goodness as ASPECTS/VIEWS of it. ?

Answer: ASPECTS.

Answer detail : SEELEY. works:{"Ecce.Home"}pg# 75,[R. Bros.1866]

Question # 296 : Faith, in the widest sense of the word, is ASSENT/NEARER to truth ?

Answer: ASSENT.

Answer detail : Name of author:C. Hodge, works:{"Systematic Theology"}vol.iii,pg# 42,[S. 1973]

Question # 297 : As long as we live, by associating with those who speak CORRECTLY/WRONGLY we are shown our own faults ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Whitney. works:{"Language"}pg # 16,[S. 1874]

Opening Date : 2016-07-02
Result and Solution On : 2016-08-01
Closing Date : 2016-07-31

Question # 298 : Nearly all our ASSOCIATIONS/ALLOCATIONS are determined by chance or necessity. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, Works:{"Sesame And Lilies"}, Lect.i,part.ii,[W & S 1865]

Question # 299 : You cannot make an association out of INSECURE/INSINCERE men.?


Answer detail : Name of author:CHARLYLE, works:{"Heores And Hero Worship"},Lect.iv, pg# 150,[C & H 1870]

Question # 300 : Nothing is more injurious in science than ASSUMPTIONS/ABSURDITIES which do not rest on a broad basis of fact. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:AGGASIZ, works:{"Geological Sketches"}sketch VI,pg# 154,[T & F 1866]

Question # 301: It is a mere assumption.... that INABILITY/LAZINESS removes responsibility. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:SPURGEON. Works:{"Illustrations"}pg# 53, [F & W]

Question # 302 : The ASSURANCE/BELIEF that God is, gives us confidence. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:FROTHINGHAM,works:{"Religion Of Humanity"}pg# 58,[D.G.F 1873]

Question # 303 : The newspaper may be entirely proper at BREAKFAST/MORNING time, but assuredly, it is not reading for all day?


Answer detail : Name of author:RUSKIN, works:{"Sesame And Lilies"}Lect.I pg#33.[T. Co.]

Question # 304 : How can a person be attached to a HOUSE/SPOUSE that has no center of attraction ?

Answer: HOUSE.

Answer detail : Name of author:C. D. WARNER, works:{"Backlog Studies"}pg# 3,[O & Co. 1873]

Question # 305 : No SICKNESS/FEVER can attack a perfectly sound body. ?

Answer: FEVER.

Answer detail : Name of author:DRUMMAND. works:{"Pax Vebiscum"}pg#3,[J. P. 1890]

Question # 306 : The separation of friends and families is, perhaps one of the most distressful circumstances ATTENDANT/EXISTING on penury. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:GOLDSMITH. works:{"Vicar Of Wakefield."}P:11,[ A. B.E.X 1880]

Question # 307 : We must not attenuate Shakespeare to an aspect....or make him a mere POET/NOTION.?

Answer: NOTION.

Answer detail : DOWDEN. works:{"Shakespeare:His Mind And Art"}pg#2, {K & Co,. 1876]

Question # 308 : WRONG/RIGHT attests that somewhere there is right. ?

Answer: WRONG.

Answer detail : Name of author:Alice Cary, works:{"Thorns"}st.2.

Opening Date : 2016-08-04
Result and Solution On : 2016-09-01
Closing Date : 2016-08-31

Question # 309 : Truth is the homeliest attire, is better than falsehood in BALANCED/DIFFICULT periods. ?

Answer : BALANCED.

Answer detail : Name of author:E. P. Whipple, works:{"Essays"}, vol.i, pg# 143,[H. M. & Co.1882]

Question # 310 : A great man is a new SYMBOL/STATUE in every attitude and action. ?

Answer: STATUE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Emerson, Works:{"Essays, Art"}, first series,pg# 287.[h. M. & Co.1890]

Question # 311 : Audacious self-esteem, with good grounds for it, is always IMPOSING/IMPERSONAL. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Holmes, Works:{"Autocrat"}P-11,[T & F 1858]

Question # 312: There is no audience so hard to face as one of SCHOOL-CHILDREN/FOOT-SOLDIERS. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:EGGLESTON,Works:{"Hoosier School Master"}, pg# 20,[O. J. Co. 1871]

Question # 313 : The past hooves like a subtle AURA/AXIS around the present. ?

Answer: AURA.

Answer detail : Name of author:W. W. Story,:{"Roba Di Roma"}pg # 82.

Question # 314 : A 'genuine' work is one written by the author whose name it bears;an AUTHENTIC/AUSTERE is one which relates truthfully the matters of which it treats. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Trench, Works:{"On The Study Of Works"}Lecture.VI,pg# 189.

Question # 315 : The author who speaks about his own books is almost as bad as a MOTHER/FATHER who talks about HIS/HER own children. ?

Answer: MOTHER.

Answer detail : Name of author:Benjamin Disraeli,Works:{"Speech Delivered"},Nov.1870.

Question # 316 : The Ramayana is the history of the avatar or incarnation of VISHNU/KRISHNA. ?

Answer: VISHNU.

Answer detail : Name of author:W. R. Alger, Works:{"Poetry Of The Orient"}pg# 29,[W.H. & N.1856]

Question # 317 : The body BALANCES/AVENGES its own neglect. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Bulwer-Lytton, Works{"Eugene Aram"}bk.i, pg.71, {"R & S"}

Question # 318 : The average age of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence was nearly FORTY-FOUR/FORTY-FIVE. ?

Answer: FORTy-FOUR.

Answer detail : Name of author:F. Libber,Works:{"Political Ethics"}vol.ii,pg.#100[L. 1890]

Question # 319 : Where the average of virtue and intelligence is high, higher forms of GOVERNANCE/GOVERNMENT is possible. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W. T. Mills, Works:{"Science Of Politics"}pg.23,[F & W. 1889]

Opening Date : 2016-09-05
Result and Solution On : 2016-10-01
Closing Date : 2016-09-30

Question # 320 : A man burdened with a DISEASE/SECRET should especially avoid the intimacy of his physician. ?

Answer : SECRET.

Answer detail : Name of author:Hawthorne, works:{"Scarlet letter"}pg# 152,[H. M. & Co. 1883]

Question # 321 : Some men...can hardly be said to be AWARE/AWAKE during the whole course of their lives. ?

Answer: AWAKE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Burke, works{"Sublime And Beautiful, On Taste, Introduction"}pg# 16.[Bell 1889]

Question # 322 : It is almost an AXIOM/HONOUR that those who do most for their heathen abroad are most liberal for their heathen at home. ?

Answer: AXIOM.

Answer detail : Name of author:Livingstone, works{"Lost Journals"}, pg# 443,[H. 1875]

Question # 323: The secret of REFORM/GROWTH lies not in revolution, but in evolution____ in unfolding along the axis of growth. ?

Answer: REFORM.

Answer detail : Name of author:{"G. D. Boardman, works:{"The Forum"}January, 1891, Pg # 538.

Question # 324 : GRATITUDE/ATTITUDE is absolutely the way to bring more into your life. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Marci Shimoff,works:{"The Secret"} Pg # 74.Author:Rhonda Byrne.

Question # 325 : The law responds to your THOUGHTS/FEELINGS whatever they may be. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Rhonda Byrne, works{"The Secret"}pg# 7.

Question # 326 : Non-violence is an intensely ACTIVE/PASSIVE force when properly understood and used. ?

Answer: ACTIVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:M. K. Gandhi, works:{"The Best Of Speaking Tree"}pg # 101.

Question # 327 : The COSMIC/UNIVERSAL dance is so perfect that we forget the Dancer. ?

Answer: COSMIC.

Answer detail : Name of author:Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, works:{"The best Of Speaking Tree."} pg#204.

Question # 328 : Like our GENES/ANCESTORS, our minds are also products of evolution of many years. ?

Answer: GENES.

Answer detail : Name of author:Swami Sukhobodananda, works:{"The Best Of Speaking Tree"}pg# 86.

Question # 329 : MODESTY/CONFIDENCE makes you a realist; you become a person who is cut to size. ?

Answer: MODESTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Maulana Wahiddudin Khan, works:{"The Best Of Speaking Tree"]pg# 72.

Question # 330 : Thoughts in the form of sound and colors constantly keep the MIND/PERSON engaged. ?

Answer: MIND.

Answer detail : Name of author:Yogi Ashwini, works:{"The Best Of Speaking Tree"} pg# 85.

Opening Date : 2016-10-07
Result and Solution On : 2016-11-01
Closing Date : 2016-10-31

Question # 331 : The philosophical proof of the existence of God depends upon the validity of the LOGIC/AXIOM that every effect must have a cause. ?

Answer : AXIOM.

Answer detail : Name of author:H. Winslow,Works:{"Christian Doctrines"}, pg# 13.[C. B. 1844]

Question # 332 : When FEAR/DOUBT creeps in at the front, honesty steals out of the back. ?

Answer: FEAR.

Answer detail : Name of author:Tennyso,Works:{"Becket"} act.iii, sc.3.

Question # 333 : MAPLE/MACAU sugar is peculiarly an American product, the discovery of it dating back into the early history of New England. ?

Answer: MAPLE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Burroughs, works:{"Winter Sunshine"},pg# 110,[H.M.& Co.1887]

Question # 334: OPPORTUNITIES/ACTS of doing good do not come back. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Robertson, Works:{"Sermons, second series."}ser.xxi, pg# 432 [H. 1872]

Question # 335 : Where law and government exist, somewhere in the background FORCE/FANATIC must lurk. ?

Answer: FORCE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Martineau, Woeks:{"Studies Of Christianity,Ethics of Christianity"}pg# 354. [L. G. & Co. 1879]

Question # 336 : Liberty requires BAIL/SECURITY and that it can be extended as far as possible. ?

Answer: BAIL.

Answer detail : Name of author:F. Lieber, works:{"On Civil Liberty"}, pg# 68. [l. 1874]

Question # 337 : No man sets a trap, but he CREATES/BAITS it too. ?

Answer: BAITS.

Answer detail : Name of author:R.South,works:{"Sermons"}vol.ii,pg# 21,[H. B. B. 1870]

Question # 338 : The mind of one who has led a quiet, uneventful life is not apt to take in contradictory LEANINGS/FEELINGS at the same moment and balance them. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Chas Reade, works:{"Cloister and Hearth"},ch.3, pg# 23,[H.1877]

Question # 339 : It is only the partiality of your friends that COVERS/BALANCES the depths of your heart with the superiority of your understanding. ?

Answer: COVERS.

Answer detail : Name of author:Junius,works:{"Letters"},vol.ii, pg# 59.[H.M.1851]

Question # 340 : Balance, MEASURE/EDIT and patience, these are the eternal conditions..... of high success. ?

Answer: MEASURE.

Answer detail : Name of author:M.Arnold, works:{"Celitic Literature"}pg# 102,[S.E.& Co.1867]

Question # 341 : Balance, in the sense of rest, remainder residue, remnant is an ABOMINATION/ABNORMALITY. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:R.G.White, works:{"Words"},ch.5,pg#94 [S.H.&Co,1870]

Opening Date : 2016-11-20
Result and Solution On : 2016-12-01
Closing Date : 2016-11-30

Question # 342 : JOY/UNITY is the fulfillment of one's nature as a human being. ?

Answer : JOY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, works{"General Introduction: The Vikramarvasiya of Kalidas"},Pg# 28.

Question # 343 : In our behavior, there is an increased insensibility, and a frightening decrease of civility, decency and a sense of JUSTICE/SERVICE. ?

Answer: JUSTICE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Dr. P. Nagarajarao, works{"Religion And Secularism"}

Question # 344 : LANGUAGE/LITERATURE grows with the thought and the dynamic living of the people. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Premnath, works{"The Vision Of Education, pg# 83.

Question # 345: We have to sacrifice LIBERALLY/LITERALLY men and material in the form of ambition in order to create the phantom of an empire. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:V. S. Sothankar, works{"On The Meaning Of Mahabharat"}pg# 35.

Question # 346 : LIBERTY/LIFE is not the thing of the earth and therefore neither be given nor acceptd as a gift. ?

Answer: LIBERTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Lala Lajpat Rai, works{"Young India"}, pg# 112.

Question # 347 : TMan is here on earth to develop the spark of KNOWLEDGE/LOVE and Godliness within him. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Chitra Bhanu, works{"Bondage And Freedom"}pg#6.

Question # 348 : We see LOVE/RAPTURE everywhere in nature. ?

Answer: LOVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Swami Vivekananda, works{"Bhakti Yoga"}pg# 78.

Question # 349 : In LIFE/LOVE, there seems to be an inexorable domination of fate. ?

Answer: LOVE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Sachindra Mujumdar, works{"Creatures Of Destiny"}, pg# 42.

Question # 350 : It is the soul and not the body which is worth KNOWING/LOVING and he must be a poor admirer who loves the grace of the body and not the beauty of the soul. ?

Answer: LOVING.

Answer detail : Name of author:Dr. R. D. Ranade, works{"Greek And Sanskrit: A Comparative Study"}pg# 29.

Question # 351 : Affection and LOYALTY/MAGNANIMITY are of the heart.They cannot be purchased in purchased in the market place, much less can they be extorted at the point of a bayonet. ?

Answer: LOYALTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:Jawaharlal Nehru, works{"Political Travels:Important Speech"}pg# 43.

Question # 352 : As one cannot grow immortal by taking the juice out of poisonous roots, so one can never acquire happiness in the MIDST/MISERIES of life. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:The Gospel Of God Realisation, works{"The Gospel Of God realisation"}, pg# 6.

Opening Date : 2016-12-15
Result and Solution On : 2017-03-01
Closing Date : 2016-12-31

Question # 353 : Some authorities hold that the game of BACCARAT/BOXING was imported into France from Italy by the soldiers of Chaas VIII. ?

Answer : BACCARAT.

Answer detail : Name of author:G. A. Sala,works{"Notes And Queries"},July 25, 1891,

Question # 354 : FRENCHMEN/ENGLISHMEN will fight now, as well as they ever did, and there is ample power to back them. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W. M. Robertson, works{"John Bright"},[CAS. co.]

Question # 355 : When PHOBIA/FEAR creeps in at the front,honesty steals out at the back. ?

Answer: FEAR.

Answer detail : Name of author:Tennyson, works:{"BECHET"}, act.iii, scene 3.

Question # 356: Whenever law and government exist, somewhere in the background FORCE/FAMINE must lurk. ?

Answer: FORCE.

Answer detail : Name of author:MARTINEAU, works:{"Studies Of Christianity, Ethics of Christendom"}pg# 354,[t. G. & Co. 1870]

Question # 357 : The hardened crust of a lava-stream is a BAD/GOOD conductor of heat. ?

Answer: BAD.

Answer detail : Name of author:{"ARCH. GEIKIE,works:{"Foble For Critics"}[Maccm,1882]

Question # 358 : In letters, too soon,is as BAD/GOOD as too late. ?

Answer: BAD.

Answer detail : Name of author:LOWELL.Works:{"Foble For Critics"}st.41.

Question # 359 : LIBERTY/FREEDOM requires bail, and that it be extended as far as possible. ?

Answer: LIBERTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:F.LIEBER, works:{"On Civil Liberties"}pg.# 68, [t. 1874]

Question # 360 : A man may not BALK/ANGER a woman bent on having her own way. ?

Answer: BALK.

Answer detail : Name of author:Lew Wallace, works:{"Ben.Hur}bk.viii,pg.#505, [H}

Question # 361 : In truth, nothing is as interfering with the LEGAL/ILLEGAL value of money. ?

Answer: LEGAL.

Answer detail : Name of author:Webstor,works:{"Words"},vol.iii,pg.# 102,[t. b. & Co.1858]

Question # 362 : WORDS/WORKS which convey ideas of dignity in one age, are banished from elegant writing or even conversation from another. ?

Answer: WORDS.

Answer detail : Name of author:Johnson Rambler,Oct.26,1751.

Question # 363 : The greatest Frenchman of letters of the last century, Voltaire spoke of Shakespeare as an intoxicated BISHOP/BARBARIAN. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Dowden, works:{"Shakespeare Premier,"}ch.7,pg.#164,[A. 1978]

Opening Date : 2017-02-05
Result and Solution On : 2017-02-21
Closing Date : 2017-02-20

Question # 364 : Next to the pleasure of buying a BARGAIN/HOUSE for one's self, is the pleasure of persuading a friend to buy it. ?

Answer : BARGAIN.

Answer detail : Name of author:LAMB,Works:{"Letters"}vol.i,pg# 136, [A & S 1881]

Question # 365 : Dogs do always BARK/BITE at those they know not. ?

Answer: BARK.

Answer detail : Name of author:RELEIGH,Works:{"History World"},vol.i,ref:pg.#2,[MOIR]

Question # 366 : The DOLLAR/POUND... is the finest barometer of social storms. ?

Answer: DOLLAR.

Answer detail : Name of author:EMERSON, Works:{"Cpnduct of Life, wealth"},pg#84,[O & C0.1876]

Question # 367: Languages are the barometers of national LEANING/THOUGHT. ?

Answer: THOUGHT.

Answer detail : Name of author: A W &J.C.HARE,Works:{"Guesses Of Truth"},pg# 154,[MACM. 1889]

Question # 368 : The basis of morals is a DISTINCT/DIRECT question from the basis of theories of morals. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:LECKY,Works:{"History:European Morals"},vol.i, pg# 74,[A. 1888]

Question # 369 : Blessed is he that CONSIDERATE/EMPATHIZE the poor. ?

Answer: Source:PS xii.1.

Answer detail : Source:PS xii.1

Question # 370 : Christianity bears all the marks of a divine ORIGINAL/BEING. ?


Answer detail : HANNAH MORE,Works:{"Practical PIETY},vol.i, pg#1 [C & D 1881]

Question # 371 :FIERCE/FORCE.... is the light of criticism which beats upon every part of that system. ?

Answer: FIERCE.

Answer detail : Name of author:BAYCE, Works:{"AM Commonwealth},vol.i, pg# 189,[MACM]

Question # 372 : Neither the ice so melted, nor the water which results from its liquefaction can fal below 32/42 Fahrenheit. ?

Answer: 32 degrees. .

Answer detail : Name of author:TYNDALL,Works:{"Form Of Water]{62, pg# 167,[A.1872]

Question # 373 : No woman dresses below herself from CAPRICE/VANITY ?

Answer: CAPRICE.

Answer detail : Name of author:LAMB,Works:{"Essays Of Elia Poor Relations"},pg# 248,[W. L. & Co]

Question # 374 : The influence of the Church Of Rome in the dark ages was on the whole beneficial to MANKIND/CHRISTIANITY. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:MACAULAY, Works:{"England"},vol.i,l ch.i pg# 60,[A.1881]

Opening Date : 2017-03-15
Result and Solution On : 2017-04-01
Closing Date : 2017-03-31

Question # 375 : The form,then, of the benediction, before eating has its own BEAUTY/POWER. ?

Answer : BEAUTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:LAMB, works:{"Essays of Alia, Grace before meet"}pg # 149 [W. L. & Co]

Question # 376 : A MAN/WOMAN who is willing to enter society as a beneficiary is mean. ?

Answer: MAN.

Answer detail : Name of author:HOLLAND, works:{"Titcomb Letters"}pt.i,letters 1, pg# 64,[S. 1868]

Question # 377 : It (The copyright Act) was not appreciated by those who would most benefit from its CONCESSIONS/EXPRESSIONS. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Source:New-York Times, July,20, 1891,pg# 6, col.3.

Question # 378: The laws of social BENEVOLENCE/ETIQUETTE requires that every man should endeavor to assist others. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Johnson Rambler,, Nov.15, 1751.

Question # 379 : The greatest missionary movement of the CHURCHES/FATHERS.... is the most marvelous success of all benevolent enterprises of the age. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:W. M. Taylor,Works:{"Ten Years In India), ch.3, pg# 22,[P & H. 1882]

Question # 380 : The more agreeable the MENTAL/BODILY stimulus, the more benign is the nervous influence transmitted to the body. ?

Answer: MENTAL

Answer detail : Name of author:COMBE, Works:{"Constitution Of Man"}, ch.5, pg# 116,[N. F. 1844]

Question # 381 : We look in VAIN/HOPE in the Old Testament for the radiant and overflowing benignity of the New. ?

Answer: VAIN.

Answer detail : Name of author:John Young, Works:{"Christ Of History"},bk.2, pt.V,pg# 159,[C. & Bros.1860]

Question # 382 : He [man] follows the bent of his own INCLINATION/SIMPLIFICATION. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:McCash, Works:{"Divine Government"},bk.i, ch.2,pg# 47,[C & Bros.1858]

Question # 383 : Christianity is the bequest of the Roman Empire to the WORLD/CHRISTIANS. ?

Answer: WORLD. .

Answer detail : Name of author:DRAPER, Works:{"Conflict Between Religion And Science"}, ch.2, pg# 34,[A. 1876]

Question # 384 : To be able to bestow benefits or happiness on those one LOVES/HATES is the greatest blessing conferred upon a man. ?

Answer: LOVES.

Answer detail : Name of author:THACKARAY,Works:{"Henry Esmond"}bk.iii, ch.2,pg# 205,[V}

Question # 385 : The position of the pronoun [His].... shows that that it is to be BETONED/PRETONED. ?

Answer: BETUNED.

Answer detail : Name of author:ROTTERHAM, Works:{"Translation of the New Testament"}note on Ron.iii, 21 [F. H. R 1891]

Opening Date : 2017-04-05
Result and Solution On : 2017-05-01
Closing Date : 2017-05-01

Question # 386 : The beginning of hardship is first taste of bitter food___ it seems for a moment UNEATABLE/UNBEARABLE. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:George Eliot, Works:{"Adam Bede"}, pg# 335,[B. C & Co.1886]

Question # 387 : To regret a bad action is a WHOLESOME/MARGINAL bitter. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Throubridge, Works:{"Bound in Honor"}pg# 95,[t & s 1878]

Question # 388 : To be unaware of....our own mental blemishes and excesses, is a COMPREHENSIBLE/COMPOUNDED unconsciousness. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:George Eliot,Works:{"Theophrastus Such"}ch.13, pg# 97,[ALL]

Question # 389: The man who does not understand the PRINCIPLE/LAW will constantly be blundering in his method. ?


Answer detail : The PILGRIM's PROGRESS is the history of the struggle of human nature to overcome temptation and shake off the BONDAGE/BASKET of sin.

Question # 390 : The PILGRIM's PROGRESS is the history of the struggle of human nature to overcome temptation and shake off the BONDAGE/BASKET of sin. ?

Answer: BONDAGE.

Answer detail : Name of author:Froude, Works:{"John Banyan"}pg# 16,[t. co.]

Question # 391 : Pretty faces FRAMED/FOUND in pretty bonnets are meant to be seen. ?

Answer: FRAMED

Answer detail : Name of author:Burns, Works:{"Autocrat"}ch.8,pg# 225,[O. & Co. 1871].

Question # 392 :Man everywhere is the born enemy of TRUTH/LIES. ?

Answer: LIES.

Answer detail : Name of author:Carlyle, Works:{"Heroes and Hero-worship"}, Lect.1, pg# 4,[C & H]

Question # 393 : Self-love is a cup without any BOTTOM/TOP. ?

Answer: BOTTOM.

Answer detail : Name of author:Holmes, Works:{"Mortal Antipathy"}, ch.8, pg# 138,[H. M. & Co. 1886]

Question # 394 : EGO/PRIDE is at the bottom of all great mistakes. ?

Answer: PRIDE. .

Answer detail : Name of author:Ruskin, Works:{"True and Beautiful,Real Property"}pg# 426,[W & S 1867]

Question # 395 : Bottomery.... is the nature of a SINKING/MORTGAGE ship. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Blackstone,Works:{"Commentaries"}bk.ii, ch.0, pg# 457.

Question # 396 : Of all vanities and FOPPERIES/EGO, to brag of gentility is the greatest. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Burton, Works:{"Anat.Melancholy"}pt.ii,s3,pg# 347, J. W. M 1857]

Opening Date : 2017-06-15
Result and Solution On : 2017-07-01
Closing Date : 2017-06-30

Question # 397 : In the brain of a great scholar,the furrows are very deep and crooked and hundreds of CREASES/NERVES appear which are not formed at all in the brains of ordinary men. ?

Answer : CREASES.

Answer detail : Name of author:Fiske, Works:{"Destiny Of Man"},ch.5, pg# 19,[H. M. & Co.1800]

Question # 398 : Brandy is almost pure alcohol varying from 48 to 56/60 per cent. ?

Answer: 48.

Answer detail : Name of author:C.F. Chandler, Work:{"Johnson's Univ,CYC"},vol.i,pg#591,[t & s 1871]

Question # 399 : The historian should be a gentleman and possess a moral BREADTH/SENSE of temperament. ?

Answer: BREADTH.

Answer detail : Name of author:A. Birdbell, Works:{"Orbiter, Dict.Carlye."}first series,pg#21,[S.1888]

Question # 400: No nobler feeling than this admiration for one higher than himself dwells in the BREAST/HEART of man. ?

Answer: BREAST.

Answer detail : Name of author:Carlyle, Works:{"Heroes And Hero-Worship"}pg# 10,[C & H}

Question # 401 : We hesitate to call pain and sorrow evils, when we remember what BRIGHT/LONELY characters they have made. ?

Answer: BRIGHT.

Answer detail : Name of author:Robertson,Works:{"Sermons"}second series, pg# 380,[H.1872]

Question # 402 : Great powers and natural gifts do not bring privileges to their possessor, so much as they bring DUTIES/LOVE. ?

Answer: DUTIES

Answer detail : Name of author:H. W. Beecher, Works:{"life Thoughts"}pg# 37,[P. S. & Co.1858]

Question # 403 : He is the honorable gentleman in opposition, whatever proposal or proposition may be BROACHED/BREACHED. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:George Eliot,Works:{"Theosphrates Such"}pg# 53, [ALL}

Question # 404 : If a man broods dishonest THOUGHTS/FEELINGS, he is a knave. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:H. W. Beecher,Works:{"Life Thoughts"}pg# 115,[P. S & Co.1858]

Question # 405 : The spirit of LIBERTY/EXUBERANCE embraces all races in common brotherhood. ?

Answer: LIBERTY. .

Answer detail : The 'brunt' of the battle is in the 'heat' of the battle, where it 'BURNS'/'EXPLODES' the most fiercely.

Question # 406 : The 'brunt' of the battle is in the 'heat' of the battle, where it 'BURNS'/'EXPLODES' the most fiercely. ?

Answer: 'BURNS'.

Answer detail : Name of author:Trench,Works:{"On The Study Of Words"}Lect.VII, pg# 217,[W.J.W]

Question # 407 : If you are poor, woe be to you!Society, the brutal snob autocrat consigns you to solitary PERDITION/IMPRISONMENT. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Thakaray,Works:{"Bppk Of snobs"}pg# 120,[T. Co.]

Opening Date : 2017-07-24
Result and Solution On : 2017-08-01
Closing Date : 2017-07-31

Question # 408 : Egotism is a kind of BUCKRAM/HIGH that gives momentary strength and concentration to men. ?

Answer : BUCKRAM.

Answer detail : Name of author:Emerson, Works{"Society and Solitude"},Pg# 232 [H. M. & Co. 1884]

Question # 409 : Buddhism, as a religion and as a potential FAITH/FACT, was a reaction against Brahmanism, though it retained much of that more primitive from the faith and worship. ?

Answer: FACT.

Answer detail : Name of author:Max Muller, Works{"Chips"},vol.i, pg#234,[S. 1874]

Question # 410 : Among the many curious habits of the Pagan Irish one of the most significant was that of PERPENDURAL/ANGULAR burial. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Lecky, Works{"History, Euro. Morals"}, vol.ii,pg# 208,[A.1873]

Question # 411: No hatred burns in the UNCONSCIOUS/CONSCIOUS man. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Bushnell, Works{"Moral Use of Dark Things"}pg# 17,[S.1868]

Question # 412 : Attention, application, accuracy, method, punctuality and dispatch are the principle qualities required for the efficient conduct of any BUSINESS/EXPERIMENT of any sort. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:Henry Irving, Works{"Self-Help"}pg# 301,[H. 1874]

Question # 413 : The waves do not ARISE/RISE, but when the winds blow. ?

Answer: RISE

Answer detail : Name of author:Bancroft, Works{"United States"},vol.ii,pg# 527,[A. 1890]

Question # 414 : But for POLICE/CONSCIENCE, there would be no check on vice. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:A. Watson, Works{"Sermons"},vol.ii,pg# 238,[M & L. 1836]

Question # 415 : We cannot but believe that there is an INWARD/OUTWARD and essential truth in art. ?

Answer: INWARD.

Answer detail : Name of author:Carlyle, Works{"Essays, Goethe"},vol.i,pg#237,[H. M. & Co]

Question # 416 : The adverb "by" is identical in ORIGIN/GRAMMAR with the prefix "be"___ and both at first meant about, around. ?

Answer: ORIGIN. .

Answer detail : Name of author:Earle, Works{"Philol.Eng.Tongue."}ch.10,pg#512,[ct.P. 183]

Question # 417 : The force of selfishness is inevitable and calculating as the force of MAGNETISM/GRAVITATION. . ?


Answer detail : Name of author:G. S. Hillard, Works{"Six Months In Italy"}.Vol.ii, ch.4pg# 94,[T & P. 1854]

Question # 418 : Whether death or slavery should be inflicted on the conquered enemy was, in fact, not a question of morality or mercy, but.....of CALCULATION/SPECULATION. ?


Answer detail : Name of author:J. R. Seeley,Works{"Ecce.Home"},pg# 149,[S. Bros. 1871]

Opening Date : 2017-08-08
Result and Solution On : 2017-09-01
Closing Date : 2017-08-31

Question # 419: ENGLAND/RUSSIA, the most calculative, is the least meditative of all civilized nations. ?

Answer : England.

Answer detail :Name of author:CARLYLE, Works:{" Essays Characteristics), vol. i, pg # 39 [H. M. & Co.]

Question # 420 : READING/WRITING like conversation is an idealism most profitable, as it calls imagination into play. ?

Answer: Reading.

Answer detail :Name of author:A. BRONSON ALCOTT, Works:{" Tablets"}, bk.i, pg # 129 [R. Bros. 1868]

Question # 421 : Our human INSTINCT/NEED calls for divine help. ?

Answer:Need .

Answer detail :Name of author: E. H. CHAPLIN, Works:{" Lessons Of Faith"}, ser. v, pg # 90,[U.P.H.1885]

Question # 422: BIBLE/CHRIST roused them to earnestness, when He said, 'Rise', short, sharp, rousing call. ?

Answer: Christ

Answer detail : Name of author: Robertson, Works:{"Sermon"},second series, pg # 435, [H. 1876]

Question # 423 : Each man has his own vocation.The TALENT/MESSAGE is the call. ?

Answer: Message.

Answer detail : Name of author: EMERSON, Works:{"Essays, Spiritual Laws},first series, pg# 114[H.M.&Co1890]

Question # 424 : In SIMLA/MUMBAI, people make morning calls instead of after dark as in more civilized countries. ?

Answer: Simla

Answer detail :Name of author:F.Marion Crawford,Works:{"Mr.Isoacs}, pg # 62,[Macm. 1882]

Question # 425 : Even in the most violent storms, the water is probably calm at a depth of NINETY/EIGHTY or a hundred feet. ?

Answer: Ninety.

Answer detail :Name of author:MARY SOMERVILLE, Works:{" Connection Of Physical Sc."}s 13,p.91[H.1853]

Question # 426 : The real strength and MAJESTY/MAGNANIMITY of the soul of man is calmness. ?

Answer: MAJESTY.

Answer detail : Name of author:ROBERTSON, Works:{"Sermons},3rd. series, sev.xi,pg#529[H. 1872]

Question # 427 : The CALYX/PETAL is nothing but the swaddling of the flowers; the child-blossom is bound up in it, hand and foot. ?

Answer:CALYX . .

Answer detail : Name of author: RUSKIN, Works:{"Ethics Of The Dust"},Lecture X, pg# 219,[W & S]

Question # 428 : Authors are particularly candid in admitting the faults of their FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES. . ?

Answer: FRIENDS.

Answer detail : Name of author: IRVING, Works:{"Traveler, Literary Life"},pg# 124,[G.P.P..1863]

Question # 429 : No physician in ROME/LONDON is without his cane. ?


Answer detail : ROME,Name of author: W. W. STORY, Works:{"Roba Di Roma"}, vol.ii,pg# 544 {H. M. & Co.1887]

Opening Date : 2017-09-28
Result and Solution On : 2017-10-01
Closing Date : 2017-09-30

Question # 430: Goodness is twice blessed; but HATRED/LOVE cankers the soul. ?

Answer : HATRED.

Answer detail : HATRED Name of author:Hariet Martineau, works:{" Autography"}, vol.ii, pg# 53 [H. M & C0.1851].

Question # 431 : We are literally CANNIBALS/COPYCATS, and our writers live on each other's productions to a fearful extent.?


Answer detail : CANNIBALS. Name of author:Holmes, works:{" Over The Teacups"]. pg # 23,[ H. M. & Co.1891]

Question # 432: How can a nation, where human sacrifices prevail, and especially when combined with cannibalism, further the march of CIVILIZATION/EVOLUTION ? ?


Answer detail : CIVILIZATION. Name of author: Prescatt, works:{" Mexico"}, vol.iii, pg. # 216, [. 1851]

Question # 433: When the liquor's is out, why clink the CANNIKIN/BOTTLE ?


Answer detail : CANNIKIN. Name of author: Browning, works:{" Flight ogf the Duchess"}

Question # 434 : It is a greatly cannon of ART/ARTIST that no work founded on the principle of imitation possesses any real vitality or genuine worth. ?

Answer: ART.

Answer detail : ART. Name of the author: C. E. Norton, works:{"Notes Of Travel"},pg# 57, [ H. M. & Co. 1881}.

Question # 435 :The soul, in its highest sense, is a vast CAPACITY/PRAYER for God.?


Answer detail : CAPACITY. Name of author: Drumond, works:{"Natural Law, Degeneration"}, pg.# 110, [ J. P. 1884]

Question # 436 : Education cannot make CAPACITY/CAPABILITY, but it controls, the conditions by which the least or the most is made of it.?


Answer detail : CAPACITY. Name of author:Younman, works:{" Culture Demanded"}, pg# 19, [A. 1869]

Question # 437 :The rule is that persons have the capacity to CONTRACT/CONSULT; and the exception is their want of capacity.?


Answer detail : CONTRACT. Name of author: Parsons, works:{" Contracts"}, vol.ii, pg# 84, [ t. B & Co.1860]

Question # 438 : The absorption of moisture by sponges, sugar, salt etc., are familiar examples of CAPILLARY/SECONDARY attraction.?

Answer: CAPILLARY. .

Answer detail : CAPILLARY. Name of author: Mary Somerville, works:{"Connection Of Phy. Sciences"}, $ 14, pg# 110, [H. 1853]b>

Question # 439 : The problem in BUSINESS/ECONOMICS is to place production on a level with capital.? . ?


Answer detail : ECONOMICS. Name of author: F. W. Crombie, works:{"Westminister Review"},Oct. 1891, pg# 359,

Question # 440: The caption is a necessary part of the RECORD/BOOK. ? ?

Answer: RECORD

Answer detail : RECORD. Name of the author: GREENLEEF, works:{"Evidence"}, vol.i, pt.iii, pg# 649, [t. B & Co. 1857]

Opening Date : 2017-10-08
Result and Solution On : 2017-11-01
Closing Date : 2017-10-31

Question # 441: Truth may perhaps come to the price of a pearl....but it will not rise to the price of a CARBUNCLE/RUBY. ?


Answer detail : CARBUNCLE Name of author:BACON, works:{"Essays Of Truth"}, vol.ii, pg# 261 [ H. G. B. 1871].

Question # 442 :Cards in 1730 were the RESOURCE/REVENUE of all the world.?


Answer detail : RESOURCE. Name of author:THAKERAY, works:{"Four Georges, George II"]. pg # 28,[ O Co. 1875]

Question # 443: Careful with the CARE/CURE that shuns a lapse of faith and duty.?

Answer: CARE.

Answer detail : CARE. Name of author: E. W. BROWNING, works:{" Casa Guide Windows"}, pt.I, st.13,

Question # 444: In dazzling and irresistible caricature, VOLTAIRE/SHAKESPEARE has no equal.?


Answer detail : VOLTAIRE. Name of author: J. MORLEY, works:{"Voltaire"} ch.3, page # 141 [ TA 1872]

Question # 445 : Nothing so difficult to send, or which is so easily spoilt in the carriage as NEWS/BREWS.?

Answer: NEWS.

Answer detail : NEWS. Name of the author: SMITH, works:{" Lady Holland's Sydney Smith"},vol.ii, letter exevi. page # 210. [ H. 1855]

Question # 446 :Whatever comes from the brain carries the HUE/SMELL of the place it came from.?

Answer: HUE

Answer detail : HUE. Name of author: HOLMES, works:{"Professor"}, ch. 6, page No.185, [H. M. C0. 1888]

Question # 447 : There are men who, by their sympathetic attractions carry NATIONS/COUNTRIES with them and lead the activity of the human race.?

Answer: NATIONS.

Answer detail : NATIONS. Name of author:EMERSON, works:{" Conduct Of Life"}, Page No. 47, [H. M. Co.1883]

Question # 448 :It is easy enough, after the RAMPARTS/DEBRIS are carried, to find men to plant the flag on the highest tower.?


Answer detail : RAMPARTS. Name of author: MAKAULAY, works:{"Essays"}, page No. 297, [P. S Co 1854]

Question # 449 : Although wheels, axles, levers, move within the old casements, the WATCH/ENGINE in fact is new.?

Answer: WATCH. .

Answer detail : WATCH. Name of author: GUTHRIE, works:{"Gospel In Ezikiel"}, page No. 254 [C Bros. 1859]

Question # 450 : As the great anatomist Bichart long ago said, if everyone were cast in the same mold, there would be so such thing as BEAUTY/BOUNTY.?

Answer: BEAUTY.

Answer detail : BEAUTY. Name of author: DARWIN, works:{"Descent Of Man"},vol. ii, page No.338, [ A. 1871]

Question # 451: Virtue is a CATAPHRACT/ARMOUR.?


Answer detail : CATAPHRACT. Name of the author: OWEN FELLTHAM, works:{"Resolves, Virtues Man"}, page No. 176, [A. S 1870]

Opening Date : 2017-11-02
Result and Solution On : 2017-12-01
Closing Date : 2017-11-30

Question # 452: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good FORTUNE/Family must be in want of a wife.?

Answer : Fortune.

Answer detail :

Solution:::::::::::: FORTUNE

Name of authior::::::::: Jane Austen.

Works::::::::::::::::::::: Pride And Prejudice. page # 9, 

Publisher:::::::::::: Planet three Publishing network Ltd.,10, North bury street, London ECIVOAT.

Question # 453 :A QUOTA/RESERVATION is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time.?

Answer: Quota.

Answer detail :

Solution:::::: QUOTA.

Name of author::::::::::: Jacques Santer.

Source:::::::::: Times of India (TOI) dt.26/12/2017 Page # 20, {A Thought For To-day}

Question # 454: When we INDULGE/SPITE in our desires, they tend to increase in intensity and multiply in number. ?

Answer: Indulge.

Answer detail :

Solution:::::::::: INDULGE.

Name of author::::::::::::::Dalai Lama.

Source:::::::::::: DNA Newspaper, Sept.10th, 2007..... An Open Heart.

Question # 455: EVOLUTION/REVOLUTION is inherent in mankind and indeed in all physically oriented consciousness.?

Answer: Evolution

Answer detail :


Nameof author:::::::::::::::Deviyaa Kumar.

Source:::::::::::::::: Sunday Midday, Sept.9th 2007, Play 20, Is God in our Genes?

Question # 456 : If you don't get out of the BOX/HOUSE you 'he have been raised in, you won't understand how much bigger the world is.?

Answer: Box.

Answer detail :


Name of author:::::::::::::: Angelina Jolie,

Source:::::::: Reader's Digest, page # 1, June, 2006 copy, "Quotable Quotes" 

Question # 457 :ART/MAN just makes verses; only the heart is the poet.?

Answer: Art

Answer detail :

Solution:::::::::::: ART

Nameof author::::::::::::: Andre Chemer.

Source:::: Reader's Digest, February 2006 copy, Page # 1, "Quotable Quotes"

Question # 458 : Until you become a PARENT/TEACHER, you can't begin to discover your capacity for strength, love and fatigue.?

Answer: Parent.

Answer detail :

Solution::::::: PARENT

Name of author:::::::::::: Peter Gallagher.

Source:::::::: Reader's Digest, Page # 1,July 2006 copy, Ïn Style"

Question # 459 :Convincing people that global warming is a reality___ and that they are responsible for it___ is not EASY/DIFFICULT.?

Answer: Easy.

Answer detail :

Solution::::::::::: EASY.

Name of author:::::: Nil

Source::::::::::::: Tiomes of India, dt. 12th October, 2007, in heading____ Ä Prize Fot Truth" 

Question # 460 : Listening intently to someone is one of the best ways to HONOR/LOVE that person and forge a deep human connection.?

Answer: Honor. .

Answer detail :

Solution::::::::::::: HONOUR

Name of author:::::::::::::: Robin Sharma.

Source:::::::::::: DNA Newspaper, Sunday 14th October,  2007 in Soul Search heading____ "Make people fal in love with you quickly" 

Question # 461 : An investment in WISDOM/KNOWLEDGE always pays the best interest.?

Answer: Knowledge.

Answer detail :


Name of author:::::::::::::: Benjamin Franklin.

Source:::::::::::: DNA Newspaper, 18th October, 2007, in Öpinion"  page # 10, "Sutra" 

Question # 462: Originality is never to be sought for its own sake, otherwise it will be mere ABERRATION/HALLUCINATION.?

Answer: Aberration

Answer detail :

solution:::::::::::::: ABBERATION.

Nameof author::::::::::::::::::: Ruskin.

Works:::::::::::: Modern Painters"vol.i, page # 17, Note:: [S. E. & Co. 1851]

Opening Date : 2017-12-20
Result and Solution On : 2018-01-01
Closing Date : 2017-12-31

Question # 463: You can't play a SYMPHONY/SONATA alone, it takes an Orchestra to play it.?

Answer : .

Answer detail :


Name ofd author:Navjot Singh Siddhu

Source: Times of India dt.3/11/2017, 18th page, in {A thought for to-day}

Question # 464 :The important thing about tax reform is that you make the tax code less COMPLEX/COMPLICATED, easier for people to understand?

Answer: .

Answer detail :


Name of Author:Grover Norquist, US Political activist,

Source: Times of India dt.13/11/2017, {A thought for to-day}, page # 14:: An f ideas.

Question # 465: Make the workmanship surpass the HUMANS/MATERIALS.?

Answer: .

Answer detail :


Name of author: Ovid.

Soucre:: Times Global, page# 16, Times of India newspaper dt.13/11/2017. 

Question # 466: If there were only one truth, you couldn't paint a HUNDRED/THOUSAND canvass.?


Answer detail :


Nameof author: Pablo Picosso.

Source:: Times of india page # 16, {A Thought for to-day}, An Ecstasy of indeas.

Question # 467 : SUPERSTITION/SUSPICION always haunts the guilty mind.?

Answer: .

Answer detail :


Name of author: William Shakespeare.

Source::: Times of india Times Global, dt.24/11/2017.

Question # 468 :The world is a stage, but the play is badly CAST/CAUGHT.?


Answer detail :


Name of author:: Oscar Wilde.

Source:: Times of india, Times Global page, dt. 25/11/2017.

Question # 469 : Mistakes are a part of the dues one pays for a FULL/HALF life.?

Answer: .

Answer detail :


Name of author:: Sophia Loren,

Souce: Times Global, Times of inbdia newspaper dt.4/12/2017, page # 16.

Question # 470 :ECONOMICAL/POLITICAL system is equal to development politics plus political politics.?

Answer: .

Answer detail :


Nameof author:: APJ Abdul Kalam

Source: Times of India page# 16, {A Thought for to-day} Centre page: Comforting the afflicted.

Question # 471 : CONDEMN/FORGIVE many things in others; nothing in yourself.?

Answer: . .

Answer detail :


Name of author:AUSONIUS.

Source: Times of India, page # 16, Times Global dt.18/12/2017.

Question # 472 : Labor reforms are not ANTI-WORKER/ANTI-TRADE.?

Answer: .

Answer detail :



Source:: Times of india dt. 18/12/2017 in Epiphany of ideas., page # 14.

Question # 473: DUTY/LIFE gives us two options, one temporary, the other eternal.?


Answer detail :



Source: Times of india dt.18/12/2017.Future plan:: {Be Prepared with Option B}.