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Quiz-Vision is an online Quiz Game for anyone having extensive knowledge of English language. To win the quiz you have to answer just Eleven easy questions/quotations.Each question/quotation will be a sentence picked up from different sources on topics based on as diverse subjects as Health, Philosophy, Emotions, literature, History, Sex, etc.The quotations/sentences are Gems of literature and I am certain the people who read these quotes will like to treasure them for the rest of their lives. The Competitor will have to spot the correct original word used by the author or writer of the book, magazine, newspaper or wherever from where the quiz sentence is picked up and reject the compiler\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s word. If you can spot all the correct answers of the QUIZ VISION competition, You will be eligible for a cash prize amount as declared by the management.


What is a quotation?

A quotation is a sentence that has an element of truth in it. A quotation can be based on any subject ____ comedy, sadness, philosophy, meditation, tragedy, business commerce, drama, art, science, or even murder.

How to think of a quotation?

Some persons are born philosophers and for them, a {quotation} comes to their minds naturally. Others can learn to think and write a quotation by training their minds.
A quotation has {four} striking features ___

  1. Its ability to stand on its feet by {merit.}
  2. Sending a {messages,} loud and clear.
  3. ts {uniqueness} of a constructed sentence; it won\\\\\\\'t be an ordinary sentence as spoken by many; rather it will be striking, extra ordinary and touching your heart. 
  4.  It must have {mass} appeal.

Some of the famous quotations that have tested time ___

  1. They also serve who stand and wait.
  2. Death alone can die everlastingly.
  3. Moral evil is the only real evil;it was necessary in view of human freedom
  4. No man with fragment of chivalry cares to exculpate himself at the expense of a woman.
  5. Barking dogs seldom bite.
  6. Genius produces works that are exemplary.

The legality {status} of a thinking quiz game has already being discussed, talked and challenged in the past is various courts and the supreme court had given its verdict that these quiz games cannot be clubbed in a bracket of {gambling}, but are of high skill, intelligence, wide reading of books by a person entering this quiz game.So, there should be no hesitation by anyone participating in this contest.

Now, any one can make a quotation. I request any member to send me any sentence of their choice and I will try to make a quotation of that sentence.

Our authors/writers/journalists are the back bone of Quiz-Vision.Com; without their tactical support, this company can collapse like a pack of cards.

Now, these quotations are also available on twitter.com


@Birdimal/Manohar Bhatia.

Manohar Bhatia.(CEO)